Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitation

Wedding planning is a very personal thing. Here’s a look behind the scenes at our home wedding plans.

It’s taking place on the 14th February 2014 and is going to be at our home in Sydney. I know that’s only about 3 weeks away but we’re still deep in the planning, tinkering and faffing about stuff stage so there’s still plenty to share!

From music to cake and from rings to favours there will be lots of stuff that I’ll be sharing. Not to mention asking your advice about!

I’ll be mostly using the wordpress mobile app to create these posts as I have done to create this landing page. So apologies if it’s not upto my usually high quality blogging standards ;)

So whether you’re planning a wedding, know someone who is planning a wedding you can share this with or just fancy keeping tabs on the FastFamily, you’re very welcome.


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