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Do you think you can break his leg Jackson?
Do you think you can break his leg Jackson?

It’s a change to my normal radio as i’m obviously doing a sports radio show and not a Breakfast radio show, but I have the great pleasure of sharing the studio with a good mate of mine and all round, dead-set legend, Johnny Greco from sports website sportal.com.au

On tonight’s show we’ve got a line-up I can’t actually believe… we’ve got:

7:15pm – Brandon Jack one of the top young guns from the Sydney Swans who like a decent hair cut.

7:30pm – Jason Bright – V8 Supercar Racer, former Bathurst Winner from Team BOC car #8 and all round top bloke.

8:15pm – Jackson Bird – The swinging quick from the Manly and the Australian #Ashes squad.
Here’s the interview with Jackson from last nights show. Top bloke!
[soundcloud url=”httpss://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/122093667″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

8:30pm – Dean ‘Bulldog’ Ritchie Rugby League correspondent, radio pundit and another all round top guy.

With a lineup like that I think that I may need a lie down afterwards. Or a stiff drink!

Not only that but we have a ‘Signed by Michael Clarke’ Cricket bat to give away

To win the bat you have to guess the TOTAL amount of keep-ups (Kick-ups or Bat-ups) Johnny can do with Football and a Cricket bat. So he will get 1 minute to do as many football kick-ups as he can and then later on he will get another minute to do as many as he can with a cricket bat and ball. And what you have to do is guess to total number of both challenges. Eg: Football = 5 and  Cricket = 10. So 5+10=15  Total of 15 – Simples right?!

Please leave your guesses in the comments for how many TOTAL keep-ups Johnny can do.

We have a lot more than that to offer you but I don’t have time to write about that now as i’m getting all nervous about the show as it is!

Anyway, tune in to hear the whole show and if you can’t let me know and i’ll put it up somewhere as a podcast type thing if enough of you would like me to. Let me know in the comments :)

Also we’d love you to leave comments about anything we’re talking about or any questions you think we should ask our great line-up of guests, i’m sure they’ll be able to cover most bases.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the show.

Oh and we’ll try and do some live blogging from the studio if we can, can’t promise but we’ll try!





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