Telstra to launch smart home platform

Telstra today unveiled plans to be Australia’s leading provider of smart home solutions with the launch later this year of the Telstra Smart Home platform, encompassing smart security, automation, energy, and more.Here’s the bones of the PR release from Telstra. I’ve looked at lots of home automation stuff over the last few years and if this is as simple to implement as they say it will be, then they’ll be ahead of pretty well all the competition.

Here’s what they said…

John Chambers, Executive Director Home and Premium Services, said households were on the brink of a digital revolution that would transform the way people interacted with their homes. 

“The key to Australians embracing smart technology in the home is to make it easy and simple to use.  Our Telstra Smart Home platform will connect a range of devices through one simple app.  With the strength of the Telstra mobile network and our service and support teams, Telstra is best placed to help lead this revolution and bring Australians the home of the future,” said Mr Chambers.

“Many people are already using some smart home appliances and this will continue to increase, with the average Australian household expected to have 29 connected devices by 2020.  To bring it all together, we have been working with Icontrol Networks, a leading global smart home solutions provider, to build a simple, flexible platform that will work across multiple devices and operating systems to deliver a single solution for the home.  

“We’ve heard a lot about the promise of the Internet of Things, and our ambition is to make this meaningful and accessible to everyday Australians. Telstra Smart Home brings real benefits, from knowing exactly what time your kids get home from school, to checking in on the well being of your mum who lives alone, to knowing that your garage door is closed, your dog is in the backyard and the iron is turned off when you leave the house.”

The Telstra Smart Home platform is designed to integrate devices from different suppliers, supporting a range of new products, technologies and applications controlled from a desktop, smartphone or tablet application. The platform is currently being prepared for trial and should be available in market later in 2016.  

Two Smart Home packages will be available at launch:

  • The ‘Watch and Monitor’ option will give customers peace of mind by allowing them to keep an eye on things when they’re away from home with motion sensors and a camera that can be set up to send instant alerts to their device.
  • The ‘Automation and Energy’ option comes with smart power plugs and motion sensors, helping customers set up tailored energy solutions for their home.

“In our first Smart Home release, we are focused on what customers have been telling us they want right now – security and energy solutions – while keeping an eye on the future so that we can integrate with emerging technologies and services, such as in-home health care, dynamic energy management and entertainment,” said Mr Chambers.

“The new platform draws on Telstra’s core strengths in networks and connectivity, while incorporating the company’s investments in emerging services, such as eHealth and media. Of course the Telstra Smart Home will also be available for all customers moving on the National Broadband Network.
The Telstra Smart Home will have its first public display at the Technology and Gadget Expo on 25-26 June at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Here’s a spiffing video to entertain you


This isn’t an endorsement, it’s just a heads-up to what’s coming down the smart home pipeline real soon.

As always, thanks for getting this far down the page.


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