Microsoft Wireless Mouse Review

I was given a Microsoft wireless mouse to have a play around with and it went by the name of ‘Touch Mouse’. It came in some shiny packaging which might I add is very, very professional and was one of the easiest bits of technology to get started with i’ve ever used. 

Wireless mouse from Microsoft
The Stealth Bomber of Wireless mice!

Now please don’t think that i’m just bigging up this cool looking piece of technology, I am giving you a truthful account of how I see it. Oh and by the way i’m not getting paid to write this.

After plugging the tiny little USB stick thingy into a free USB port the inbuilt software did the rest of the installing while i popped the supplied duracell batteries into the underbelly of the touch mouse that by this time began to refer to as the ‘Stealth Bomber’ due to it’s satin black exterior and not it’s ability to disappear into the ether at supersonic speed, so to make the mouse burst into life!

Once it found the feed from the USB thingy it was off like a shot like it was tethered by the old fashioned cord and free to roam as much as it’s heart desired. Well my right hand at least and might I add that with the amount of ability this thing has it took me a moment or 2 and maybe a check of the instructions to figure out what all the different gestures meant so that I didn’t keep making the things on screen keep disappearing with ease.

So once I had figured out all the different movements which in reality took about 1min 15secs this wireless mouse was the proverbial putty in my hand, directing the cursor with the ease of a finger on a tablet screen and although if I have a lot and I mean a LOT of different programmes open all at once it’s reactions become slightly sluggish this mouse with it’s smart gestures and cool looks will take some beating as a present for any one of your family that uses a computer, be it a MAC or a PC the mouse works with either.

So get yourself an easy christmas present for a computer lover in your family, neither you nor they will be disappointed.




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