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Logitech Wireless Touchpad

For some bizarre reason I’ve allowed a friend of mine to guest blog.. Am I going to regret it? Probably. Will it be interesting? Probably. Will you be able to win it? Definitely! Enter in the Raffle-thing below.

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Thanks to the man known as Lord Hughes for his spiffingly natty review of one of the newest and coolest products to come out of Logitech.

So, without further ado, let the head banging.. I mean review begin!

Unlike FastLaneDad, I am not an Apple fanboy; I haven’t been drinking the Apple-flavoured koolade – but, this Mac-Inspired Logitech wireless touchpad is pretty damn great. I have seen for a number of years the designers, and creative who I work with using the standalone Apple touchpads, and have to say – I never thought about trying to use one on a PC. Inversely, I am a big fan of Logitech, having brought their equipment (Keyboards, Mice, Webcams) for about the last 10 years both personally, commercially and as gifts for my parents when they complained that there was something up with their hardware. When FLD asked me if I wanted to test this rechargeable wireless touchpad, I was a little non-plus, but thought that I would give it a trial, given my success over the years with a number of the marble mouse models.

Given the nature of what I do – Digital marketing, I am on the computer or some kind of machine ALL of the time, and I make every effort not to get RSI, as I have experienced the pain and inconvenience of it in years gone by. For about the last 5 years, I’ve predominantly invested in (marble) ball mice, the most recent one has served me well for the last 2 years – it’s a bit weary now, so probably needs replacing, but then along came FastLaneDad with the chance to play with this. Ironically, while I have been testing this, another colleague has come over while I have been testing the touchpad to steal my marble mouse as he was getting RSI from his traditional mouse. In an office environment, I have always been a fan of Microsoft’s keyboards, and Logitech’s Mice. I guess I haven’t tried Logitech’s keyboards in a few years now, so given my experience with the touchpad, I’d be inclined to give them another try.

Logitech Wireless touchpad in situ
Proof that it was at my desk, which was tidy for a change!

I run Windows 7 Enterprise, and whilst the device pertains to be designed to bring touchscreen features to Windows 8, I am now a convert to using the well sized device within Windows 7 – with features like swipe, pinch and slide that I use all of the time on mobile and tablet devices are all customisable through the logitech feature interface. In terms of getting installed and going, I started out wiring in the touchpad through the microUSB cable – it installed in less than a minute, and then I plugged in and enabled the wireless through the “unifying” nipple USB plug, and was surprised to read that the single unifying USB device can support up to six individual Logitech input devices – pretty cool if you want to use a whole array of Bluetooth/wireless input toys. The interface for setting up the device is as usual, really easy to tweak and adjust the settings so I was good to go in less than 5 minutes. Within an hour, I was using the new features, but kept the box on my desk to remind me of some of the gestures that I had set up.

I’ve been using the t650 everyday for around 2 weeks, and and as per my ball-mouse, it feels very natural, and I’ve adapted to it very quickly. It’s comfortable to use, with it being stable and sturdy enough not to get knocked around my desk, ergonomic – given that it’s the pitch of the surface is just right for my paws, and I can have it pretty much everywhere on my desk with the wireless feature. In all honesty, I haven’t actually used the Logitech touchpad unwired much, but I could see in a presentation environment it being very useful. Main reason that I haven’t has been down to me thinking that I would let it run out of battery – however the couple of days that I did leave it disconnected, it retained the charge without any issue, so that is likely to be me being cautious rather than the devices capability. My only complaint about the device was the right-click capability, that when I mentioned it to FLD & colleagues, they came to the conclusion that it was me, rather than the device… which I have to concede, was true.

All in all – a great product which i’ve scored a


And it’s really good value IMHO at $99.95. I for one going forward might have two input devices for my laptop – a touchpad like this, and a mouse – we’ll see how I go, as I’d never thought about it before.

Thanks FLD & Logitech for the opportunity to test it. I guess I’d better give it back to let one of you lucky readers get it as a prize.


Thanks to Yoz for his review of the Wireless touchpad and now it’s your turn to have ago at winning it!

All you have to do is follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter at the top and let it do the rest!

Good luck and thanks for reading.



  1. I’m such a geek and when ever something new comes out I always want to try it out. I do love this idea though and I wonder how the kids would go with using it.

    1. Thanks Salz. My kids had a little play and it was pretty easy for them as it’s the same as on our MAC only bigger. They will be the inventors of the next mouse type gizmo i’m sure :)


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