My Policy on Sponsored Posts, Collaborations, Advertorials, Etc

From time to time I get asked to write an article or a review of a product either by an agency or direct from a brand or outlet and in return they usually offer for me the product to keep or they offer me money, or they ask for the product back and don’t give me any money! Yes, it happens.

Usually when product is offered I ask for more so that I can do a giveaway to you guys as a ‘Thank You’ for reading my blog. Like these below:

Like the Nerf Gun Giveaway Here

Tech Giveaway Here

Now those weren’t sponsored posts because I didn’t receive any money, just product, which I mostly gave away to you guys! The kid’s might have had a couple of spare Nerf Guns over the time… so it’s basically a review/giveaway post that I thought would be fun for everyone.

While there are some ads located throughout the site, these DO NOT in any way  pay the bills. So as a result I have to find other ways to monetize the traffic (you lovely readers) that arrives at my blog step. Hence my acceptance of sponsored posts. But only if they fit in with the blog.

Just so we’re clear here, companies that sponsor posts on here do so with the understanding that they cannot change or influence what I write about – the blog post will only contain my honest and open opinion. The only opportunity the advertiser does have is to correct any factual mistakes that I make. 

I always Have and always Will tell you when it’s a sponsored post or a collaboration, so that Fast Lane Dad can and always will remain free for your enjoyment. And hopefully put some food in my kids belly’s!

If you have any thoughts or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or if you’re looking to sponsor a post, or have an awesome product that I can review and maybe give away, please contact me through the Contact FastLaneDad.  

I’m happy to work with brands, products, media planners, and those alike on a one off or ongoing basis.

I hope this helps and thanks for your continued support.

Simon or FLD :-)


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