Mini NERF GUNs Reviews

When I think of Christmas, I still think of snow and cold and ice and sometimes rain and of course presents!

A little while ago the boys and I were lucky enough to be invited to play with some of the latest toys from Hasbro and it was like Christmas without the cold, the ice, the rain, the sleet but it did come with toys and lots of them.
NERF War Logo

Did you say “NERF WAR!?”

There were soooo many, in-fact the boys eyes were popping at the prospect of being let loose with such an array. It was as much as I could do to keep them still through the presentations but we made it through… just! The first thing on their agenda and quite frankly the ONLY things were the NERF guns. Even the bow and arrow ones that have been designed for the girls called Rebelle caught their eye. Might have been the colours or maybe the fact that you can shoot someone with a NERF arrow/bullet just like you can with the gun and pretend kill someone. Just guessin.

As far as repetitiveness is concerned:

“Please don’t keep shooting your brother in the foot from point blank range with the NERF gun that’s nearly as big as he is..” “Come on, lets pick up all those bullets… again!” and“How cool is this Daddy?”

– were some of the most used sayings of the morning. 

When we managed to drag ourselves from the toys and extract ourselves from the building, I couldn’t help feeling that I wanted more… MUCH More! Not for me, for you guys. The people that come on here and read my drivel and tell me that it’s good. Yes, you the delusional, slightly-crazy-in-a-good-way, honest to goodness reader that I hold dear to my heart. Who I give a big cyber hug to right now.

And with that in mind I phoned up Hasbro and said, “Hasbro, I WANT NERF GUNS to give away for Christmas and you’re going to give them to me, OK!”

It was just like that, honest ;)

And guess what they said? The Man From Hasbro, He say “YYEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!”

Soooo here we have NOT 1, NOT 2 but NERF guns for you to win!

How good is that?! And there’s more, They come as a bundle of 3 and I have 3 bundles to give away!

Yes you read it right, 3 bundles of 3 NERF Guns and they are:

So here’s the mini NERF Guns Reviews for your delight 

The Awesomized NERF Revonix 360

A4524 - NERF Vortex Revonix











The Ninjatastic NERF Elite Centurion MEGA Super Sniper Blaster thing

A4487 - NERF Elite Centurion (Product)




The Poptasmagorical NERF N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster that fires shoots 18 bullets in under 6 seconds mofo.

NERF Rapidstrike CS-18








You can buy any of the guns via the below Amazon widget (If it’s working!) OR you can stay tuned for the BIG Giveaway that’s happening real soon!



    1. Emma, it’s only a game!

      TBH, there’s war about the NERF War if a gun jams or the ‘Rules’ aren’t followed TO THE LETTER.

      It’s only a gun throw or a door slam though… then mediation and maybe a half-hour sulk :)

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