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The guys from d’Albora marinas kindly invited me down to take a look around in the lead up to the Sydney boat show that’s coming up soon… All I can say, is WOW!

With me being a ‘Car’ guy primarily this is definitely out of my comfort zone! It’s good to push yourself though don’t you think? I’m collaborating on this post btw. My collaboration policy is: here

When they asked me if i’d like to go down and check-out their Spit marina, meet the manager Clemens and have a look at some of the beautiful yachts they have moored down there I really didn’t need asking twice. As soon as I set foot on the jetty, I was in love. Not the 85ft $4,500,000 floating monster that dominates the marina but the stealth looking beauty that was lurking behind the others, primed and ready for a quick getaway to chase down the villains! James Bond’s name was mentioned more than once.

An action shot! The real photo I took was terrible
James ‘Fast Lane Dad’ Bond chasing down Scaramanga!

Whilst been given the guided tour by Clemens he told some of the stories about the owners and their occasional troubles getting back to shore on windy days and how they would go out and help the owners get back into their births without damaging their wholly magnificent vessels. He also told us the one about the happy nay, ecstatic foreign owner that had gone out fishing for the day and came back with a Shark on the back! Thankfully is was still alive and they were able to release it back into the harbour without it coming to any harm. 

The Beautiful Spit Marina
The Beautiful Spit Marina

When hearing the stories I got the overwhelming sense that this is more than just a job for Clemens and his staff, it’s a way of life and when the Lottery god has waved his or her magic wand our way and we’ve got the need for a marina berth, he’ll be someone i’ll be calling to look after my pride and joy. Just the Powerball will do thanks ;)

It’s not all boats down at d’Albora though, they have cafe’s, award winning restaurants, live music and events that cater for boat owners and non boat owners alike. They also have events on for kids at some of their marina’s, head on over to the website and have a look round: d’Albora Marinas They have events on this holiday if you’ve got a window of opportunity.

I was pleasantly surprised that it’s not just fast and fancy boats down at the Spit either, they happily cater for small tinnies and even kayak storage which looked really popular! It’s not surprising really given that it’s in Sydney’s middle harbour area and only a skimming stones throw to the main harbour. I remember some dude on a kayak keeping up with us on a boat trip once, he was moving faster on the water than I ride my bike on the land!

We’re off to the Sydney boat show in August which they’re kindly having at Darling Harbour and Glebe Island this year. So as well as plenty of lovely boats to have a look at we’ll have some lovely restaurants to visit. They might even sell beer there…

The Stunning Akuna Bay
The Stunning Akuna Bay

Talking of kids, I remember a great cartoon from back in my formative years, you may of heard of it, Captain Pugwash.

I’m not sure if you guys got the Captain Pugwash cartoons here in Australia, they were a firm favourite in our house. Especially after i’d grown up and the names and innuendo put a whole different complexion on it! I always wondered why my mum found the time to sit and watch it with me??

If you’ve never seen it, here’s an episode to give you a flavour… This one’s got Master Mates and Tom the Cabin Boy in it. *Chuckles* I’m chuckling because the names got changed back in England (apologies if you know this already), allegedly by some student rag mags at the time. So Tom got changed to Roger and Mates ended up as Bates. I’ll let you put them together while I giggle away to myself merrily *ROFL* #Childish

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