Here’s my easy, Frozen MILO recipe for super delicious Rocket Lollies!

Last year the boys and I were super lucky to be invited to play BackYard cricket with the Australian Captain, Michael Clarke by the guys from MILO, which is where I got the inspiration to make these super delicious treats.

Here’s a handy recipe card that you can print off or do your bit for the planet and save digitally!

Frozen MILO Lollies
A delicious, simple kids frozen treat made from one of Australias favorite drinks, MILO.
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Prep Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
  1. Milo - 1 heaped teaspoon per lolly mold
  2. Milk - Enough to fill each mold (Not to the top!)
Righto, here's what I used to make these healthy, nutritious MILO treats
  1. 1 x Measuring Jug (The biggest one I had)
  2. 1 x Normal teaspoon
  3. 1 x Blender / Electric whisk type thing
  4. Frozen Lolly Molds
  5. MILO
  6. 1 x Ice Cube Tray
Here's how I did it
  1. I poured the milk into 1 mold, then poured that into the jug. I then multiplied that amount by the number of molds you had and added the rest of the milk to the jug. I then added a further 1/2-a-mold's worth of milk to allow for spillage and also putting into the ice cube tray. (There are no amounts here as they will be determined by the size of your molds)
  2. I then added the MILO to the milk. 1 heaped teaspoon full, per mold and 1 for luck!
  3. I then blended it and Voila! MILO lolly mix.
  4. I poured the mixture into each mold, popped the sticks in and slammed them into the freezer. (after i'd made space!) The rest of the mixture went into the ice cube mold, so I could test when the mixture was frozen! you can also use these to then make a MILO drink so there's no waste :)
  5. Serve after school as a treat OR after dinner as a dessert OR *as a post exercise recovery lolly!
  6. *Chocolate milk is one of the best things to have after exercise for recovery.
  7. *Disclaimer: I have no link to the science behind this theory so you'll just have to trust me... It's all about the nutrients and amino acids apparently and not just because it tastes nice!
  8. There you go, Frozen MILO Lollies :)
  1. I did think about adding fruit or marshmallows and then realised I didn't have any! But you could... Let me know if they work.
So that’s it, my frozen MILO recipe for Rocket lollies or whatever mold you have. Super simple yet super yummy! Well, the FastKids thought so :)

Here are some facts about MILO and what it contains

Please let me know if you’ve tried this recipe, what you think of it and if you’d do anything differently.

MILO Frozen Lolly Rocket
Looks Wrong but Tastes Great!



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