Fast Lane Kids Fish Curry

Have you ever had the trouble of not being able to make a curry that’s anything like your special order from the local takeaway? Or just one that the kids will like? 

Fear not ladies and  gentlemen, boys and girls, I have here THE, tastiest homemade kids curry recipe that will wow the blood thirsty crowds, and the kids too. It’s definitely NOT the Flaming Ron pie, that’s for sure!

Like most parents, there is lots of trouble keeping my 3 boys on a healthy eating regime and getting them to try new foods is another exhausting challenge. So when they tried this taste-bud tantalising curry and screamed for more, I knew I was on to a winner winner chicken dinner…or fish! :D

Here is the recipe below.Fast Lane Fish Curry

Now as a small challenge, get your kids to say: Fast Lane Kids Fish Curry as fast as they can :) 

Thanks for letting me invade your blog Bel and I hope you all enjoy the curry!


Originally posted as: MumsTakeFiveFishCurry


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