Breakfast With Baker – June 15th 2017

So this is what is happening on the radio show this morning. I going to play some music and interviewed some people and we’ll all have a jolly good time.

Tune in via FM99.3 on your dial if you’re a Sydney sider and if you’re out of area then we’re broadcasting Live To The World via our Live streaming popup below. 

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You can also drop any song requests and roughly what time you’ll be listening in, so I can play it at the right time, in the comments down below.

Here’s what’s on the Brand New News from Rooters

  • Demi Moore has lost two front teeth to one of the biggest killers in Amurica… No, not Charles Bronson. STRESS!!! She modelled her new look on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight show.
  • Police in Halifax, West Yorkshire have taken to padlocking their milk so stop people stealing it! I kid you not… they are putting plastit tubs over their milk and then put a padlock through the plastic tub to stop others pinching it… #FFS what a palaver to make a cuppa!
  • A dementia friendly restaurant has opened up in Japan. It’s staffed by people with dementia who of course forget your order or mix it up with someone else at a different table… I’d have made it simple and only serve a set menu.
  • Whilst we’re in Japan… A new gameshow has started where the contestants have to eat furniture in order to find out if it’s edible or not… some of the items are made of chocolate. You could have a pair of shoes, even a table has been made out of chocolate.  
  • And Finally, UK inventor and all round crazy fella Colin Furze has broken the dogem car speed world record. He put a 600cc Honda motorbike engine in the dogem and hit a top speed if 161.476km/h. It doesn’t sound like a lot really but when you consider the average speed of a dogem car is about 8km/h it’s very fast! Brilliant work Colin.

That was the Brand New News and you’ve been Rooted.

There’s plenty more on the show, click the Northside Radio link above and listen in live



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