Jamie Oliver World Record Attempt!

Food Revolution Day Interview 2014

Here is the first interview from todays show, it was actually the second but who’s counting?!

This was an interview with Carol from the German International school in Sydney talking to me about Food Revolution Day. She’s a big Jamie Oliver fan and as such, saw this being talked about and has now got the school involved. Good on you Carol!

 So, Food Revolution Day is where schools around the globe are coming together and making the same rainbow salad lunch wrap simultaneously in an attempt to break (or set?) a World record. You can get involved by visiting the site here: Food Revolution Day

It’s all happening on Friday May 16th which is tomorrow and you can also follow the #FRD2014 across social media, I would suggest Twitter. 

Good luck everyone, that’s a wrap!

World Record Attempt
I Couldn’t Agree More!



The Variety Big Bash Australia 2014

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