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I have my first proper interview with Grace Proust from the childrens charity Variety. Who is promoting Awareness for Alopecia awareness week

Here’s one about the new ‘Sleep Pods‘ at Abu Dhabi international Airport. What a great idea!

Tony Abbott is to ban live betting promotions if he is elected prime minister, watch the video and read all about it.

Ginger Spice is coming to Australia! She’s taking the place of Mel B or Scary Spice as we know her best on Australia’s got Talent. Oh and she’s also after a man.. Look out Sydney Swans, she’s after you!

Holden are struggling at the moment by posting huge losses despite an injection of cash from the government.. Watch the video and read the news, oh and Come on Aussie, buy local!

Joke of the day

Paddy is being asked a question:

Q:How long ago did the dinosaurs die out?
A:(Irish accent) 60million years ago and 3 weeks.

Q: Why did you say 3 weeks?
A: (Irish accent) Because it was 60million years when i started this college course 3 weeks ago!


THE INTERVIEW of Hero, Charles Ramsey from Cleveland that has sent the internet crazy.

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Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

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