…with my camera. here’s the story.

I brought a camera last year, i’ve been playing and learning, learning and playing and now, only now do I feel confident enough to show you and the rest of the world what all that playing and shooting has come to.

I’ve just looked and since i’ve had the camera i’ve shot my load 5001 times. With JasperCat being my five thousand and first target, the lucky thing.

Let’s just clear something up, no not that! I’m not a photographer, nor do I profess to be one. Nor do I profess to know anything about taking a good picture as i’ve never been on a course or anything like that. I basically just play with some buttons, then shoot. Twist a knob and shoot. Faff with some other things I know nothing about, and then shoot. It’s a bit like going to bed with FLM!

By this time i’ve either got something i’m happy with or something has happened and i’ve missed the moment. Story of my life really :-D

Anyway, here’s a few from the collection thus far.


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