Here are the Shmokin HOT Google Search Trends

going on Globally right now




Well the english speaking world anyways… I’ve put this together so that you don’t have to go to that big Google meanie to get your trends info because they have handy widgets that I can embed and put together nicely so you can pop in if you’re looking for inspiration to write about something that’s topical and probably going to get your site some hits RIGHT NOW!


Bookmark the page and check in every day for your top 10 search trends for English speaking countries. If I ranked elswhere, i’d put up different languages, but I don’t. *Sad Face*

Anyway, here, Ya, GoBOOM!

Globally HOT Search Trends from around the world, see how they shimmer… and see how they differ!

 The, Top 10 English Speaking Global Search Trends LIVE!


                                         Australia                                                                                 US




                                               UK                                                                                 South Africa



 Here’s a link to the HOT Searches for you just in case: Hot Searches



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