Tip Of The Day #001 – Reduce Your Electricity Bill

It’s pretty simple, phone your electricity company and ask them how much discount they are prepared to give you. That’s it. Well almost… read on and i’ll give you the steps I followed.

I phoned ours recently and got our discount moved from 15% to 33%. I did have to wait on hold for about half an hour and speak to a few different people and threaten to go elsewhere but I did it and it worked.

We are looking at installing solar panels but for now that extra 18% discount will be useful.

Here are the steps

  1. Give yourself about an hour to do this.

  2. Get your last 3 electric bills out and see if the amount they’re charging per c/kWh has changed

  3. Check if you currently get any discounts – Will say on your bill

  4. Go to your computer, open google and search – electricity suppliers ‘Enter your suburb or town here‘ Eg: electricity suppliers broadbeach

  5. Open the top 3 adverts that are not your current supplier – Don’t look at these, you just need the names and the websites open to use as threats.

  6. Call your provider and be prepared to battle for about an hour.

  7. Ask them if they can offer you a discounted rate. (Different states here in Australia have different limits of discount). If they say no then say, well that’s a shame, why not? They may give you some excuse like you don’t spend enough, that maybe true but keep pressing them and make them believe that you’re serious. You are serious right?!

  8. If they say that the maximum they can offer you is X then say “I’m afraid that’s not good enough, i’ll be forced to look for an alternative supplier if you can’t do better”. This is when you name drop the other providers you’ve looked up. 

  9. If they say that X is the best they can do then say “If you’re serious about my business then please go and talk to someone that can make me a better offer”. DON’T SAY ANYTHING NOW. NOTHING! You MUST let them respond. They may go and ask, they may come back with better, they may put you through to someone who can handle you better. If they put you through to someone else just repeat what you’ve already said to the first guy – See Step 7 

  10. You should have success by now. If you don’t then i’m lost for words as it’s in their best interests to keep you. Getting new customers costs them a lot more money that giving you some discount, so you’re a valuable asset. Don’t ever forget it!

That’s it. My Handy 10 Steps to a cheaper electricity bill.

Let me know how you go.


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