My Top 6 Energy Saving Tips.

I’ve got some top energy saving tips to save you $$ dollars on your next bill. With the rising costs of energy, and so many of us experiencing a sense of horror when receiving our power bills, there has never been a better time to take action to save energy and save money. 

These top tips are brought to your screen in collaboration with AusSolar. Read my collaboration manifesto: here

So, how can we save energy…and money?

Know how and when you use electricity

There’s a gizmo they’ve made called a Smart Meter. What this smart meter does is it takes a your measurement of your power use is possible, thanks to web portals that have been designed specifically for the purpose. You can then track how and when power is used in your home and establish goals for power usage. I only know about kicking goals so this will be new for me! With more information about your electricity usage, you’re better placed to make sound decisions about the benefits (or not) of flexible pricing plans. If you’re looking for more information on how to better your electricity usage, this is where has valuable information that’s worth a read. I’ve been there, and I can definitely say that it’s full of useful info so you can make the best decision for your family. You can also monitor your electricity use with an in-home display (IHD). An IHD allows you to get all the relevant information about your electricity usage. Cool.

Close up your curtains and doors

As most of us can appreciate, cooling an entire house can be very expensive. And to keep it simple, doors that lead to areas of the house that are not in use should remain shut and only the rooms in which most time is spent should be cooled. It is advisable to keep all curtains and outside window shades closed and to seal doors and windows from draughts. It’s all simple and obvious but doing this will help to keep cool air from leaking out and warm air coming in (in the summer months) and also warm air from escaping during the months. Simples!

Adjust your thermostat

Apparently, now I didn’t think this would work but apparently it does, in the hot summer months it’s possible to save money by setting your thermostat twenty six degrees or higher. This, i’m led to believe, is a super effective technique, as energy use reduces by ten per cent for every degree higher that your air conditioner is set.

When air-conditioners and appliances are not in use, turn them off

Air conditioning units should only ever be used when you need them to be. If you want to conserve energy and save money, it’s also important that you heat or cool only the rooms that you are using. Also, heaters and coolers should be switched off before going to bed and should always be off when no one is home. Not only is this a good cost-saving strategy, it is also imperative for keeping you and your family safe. When appliances are not in use, the power point that they are plugged in to should be switched off. It is not enough to have the appliance itself turned off; when connected to a live power point, an appliance will continue to drain energy.

Wash in cold water

Not you silly, your clothes! By opting to wash your clothes in cold water, it is possible to save approximately $115 per year. This will obviously vary depending on the amount of washing you do. You should also choose the shortest wash cycle available and wait until you have a full load before commencing a wash cycle. 

Ensure the efficient running of your fridge

Your refrigerator is one of the most expensive appliances to run in the home, (It’s probably the kettle in our house!) in part because it is left on at all times. You can ensure that your fridge runs efficiently by making sure the door seal is tight and without gaps; gaps make it easy for the cold air to escape. It is advisable to have the temperature of your fridge set to four or five degrees and keep a temperature of between minus fifteen and eighteen degrees in your freezer. Second fridges should only be switched on when they are needed. Ours has to stay on all the time for the beer! Many of the best energy saving techniques are simple to do and logical in nature. Putting these techniques into practice around your home gives you the opportunity to save money on your energy bills and helps to make a positive environmental contribution.

What tips do you have?

Please leave any energy saving tips yo might have in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading.



  1. Great read. We actually turn the power supply to our hot water cylinder off in summer for a day or two as the heat is retained until the four of us have exhausted the supply then turn it on for a few hours then off again saving heaps of $$$$$.Also no dryer in warmer weather

    1. Hi Danielle and thanks for your kind words. Also, thanks for the water cylinder tip, that’s a great one and the dryer one is a definite in this house too!

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