Here we have the very first of my ‘Hints and Tips’ series in a Vlog format.

This one deals with how to unscrew a jar lid that just won’t open.

I hope you find it useful and let me know what you think.

*This video was produced without the aid of anyone professional in any capacity*

So to recap, the first tip for unscrewing the jar lid that is too tight is to put an elastic band around the lid of the jar which will give you and extra level of grip.

And the second tip is to take the jar and tap the side of the lid on your kitchen work surface to loosen it which will then hopefully allow you to unscrew the lid without having to use any other brute force or ignorance – I have plenty of both!
If you try the tapping method and the little sucker still won’t move then add the rubber band and see how you get on with that.

If you’re still struggling then reach for the hammer!

This video was not sponsored in any way and was brought to you using Praise Mayonnaise and Paul Newman pasta sauces and of course, lashings of Sambuca!

FLD Vlogging Off!

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