Here’s a few ideas for creating a backyard addition that will maximise your homes value, which i’m all for!

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Fast Lane Grandy and I not long ago had to replace the front walkway into our home as it was going rotten and becoming a hazard, or should I say death trap! So having tackled that job and a few others along the way, we’ve got to the point where we’re looking at making a few changes for the summer. A deck extension (Of course said in a NZ accent :) ) might well be the first thing we tackle on the jobs list…

Now, it’s relatively common to find us home-owners renovating the inside of our houses, but what about the value that can be added to our homes with a few simple external renovations? With the right help and ideas we can turn our outdoors into an extension of our indoors. The guys at Additions have some great ideas on the patio and pergola options available and you can read their tips for adding value to your home with small to large scale backyard renovations. Click here for the details. 

Patios and pergolas

Turn that section of dusty scrub that you laughingly call your backyard into an amazing entertainment area by transforming it into a lavishly paved patio and/or pergola. It’s incredible how much difference a well-styled patio will make to your home – and it’s not just for looking pretty – it’s a whole new liveable area, which will surely be another selling point when you decide to put your home on the market, or somewhere else to enjoy the fruits of your labours! Many people are a little bit unsure of exactly what a pergola is – it’s essentially an arched structure that offers shade during the summer months – grow some grapes on it or allow climbing plants to provide you with shade and sweet smelling blooms. Once you’ve got one, you’ll never go back.



If you prefer something that’s a little more functional, why not go for a carport? It’s great having an area where you can keep your vehicle safe from passing birds and possums because having to hose your car off every morning is a complete pain. Also having your car parked in a secure, covered area means you may well pay less on your insurance premiums so you’ll have more money to make other renovation ideas a reality.



Wouldn’t it be nice to have an area that soaks up the delightful warm rays of the morning sun?

A place where you can lie around on soft, fluffy cushions and stretch out on a gloriously carved day-bed, while lazily reading over the Sunday papers? The dream could easily become a reality if you invest in a sunroom extension. In a lot of cases, you don’t even need planning permission – you can adapt a section of your existing deck or veranda for summer coolness and winter-time warmth. Personalise the space with tinted windows or glare reducing blinds, all at the fraction of the cost of a new build.


Ramps and stairs

Ramps are not just for the elderly and infirm; the benefits of easy access can (and should) be available to everyone. Anyone who has moved a large piece of furniture such as a fridge or bed can tell you how much easier the job would have been if a ramp had been available – or even a lift! If you don’t fancy the ramp option then perhaps rejuvenate your home with some awesome new stairs. Gorgeous well-sanded, well-crafted slabs of hardwood set into a solid frame of your choice. However, perhaps you’re getting older and feel that stairs could become an issue in your later years, why not opt for some new stairs with a wider tread and lower rise.



Have you renovated your outdoor area?

I’d love to hear your tips and suggestions in the comment section below.

Now, back to the homecabling… until i’ve planned my deck extension that is!


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