4 Ideas to Keep Your Backyard, or Front Yard Looking Brand New

Yes, even backyards can become tired and worn out and can start to look dated. Even second-hand if you walk over them with weed killer on your shoes! If you’ve been maintaining and renovating your house, then why not your backyard or front yard as well? Here are four ideas to keep your yards looking fresh.

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I am also after some help for our very own front yard. I’ve put some pictures down below and would love your input please. Pretty please… don’t forget to read the tips below first though!

1. Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s not the most enjoyable thing to do, but simple backyard maintenance will keep your yard looking fresh. Mow the lawn. Weed the garden. Oil the deck. Clean up the remnants of that party you threw last weekend. Rake leaves. Not only will cleaning remove any previous damage done to the backyard, but it can also act as preventative maintenance. Mulching your garden beds, for example, will prevent weed growth and also keep your plants hydrated for longer by minimising evaporation.

2. Re-arrange

You don’t have to add or remove anything to make your yard look new; it can be as simple as shifting what you’ve already got. Rearranging is best done seasonally. You might like to move your chairs out of the shade and into a warmer spot in winter. Move potted plants to follow the light as the sun moves across the sky during the year. And it’s always good to move anything that’s kept on the lawn directly to prevent it doing permanent damage to the grass.

3. New Plants

Plants are the lifeblood of a good backyard and new leaves and blooms will definitely give you an updated look. You may have been playing it safe by having a garden filled with perennial plants, but that means missing out on some classics like begonias, French marigolds, and herbs like parsley and basil. And if you haven’t been growing edible plants in your garden… well, why not? There’s nothing as good as fresh herbs for cooking or tomatoes picked just at their peak ripeness. And if you’re feeling truly adventurous (or simply not happy with it), you may like to replace your lawn too. Turf experts like Hancey’s Turf offer a variety of modern grasses that can better suit your backyard, whether it’s shady or bright.

4. Renovation

This method is a little more drastic, but, if you’re keeping your house up-to-date, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t renovate your yard as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean putting in a pool (though if you can, why not?) but you could consider something like installing a path of stepping-stones to lead people down to that little-used area down the back, or putting in a water feature, even if it’s just a simple birdbath. These are simple projects you can do on your own and easily complete in an afternoon. More involved projects might include raising garden beds, which not only adds depth to a backyard, making the space seem larger, but improves drainage and makes the garden easier to work on. Bigger projects, like putting in a deck, might require outside help and take several days or weeks to complete, but these will have the biggest impact on your backyard. Make sure you check with local building regulations before you start anything major.

So what do you reckon to those? I think they’re some great tips.

Have you got some to add that have wowed family and friends? I’d love to hear about them.

I’m currently doing some work on our front median strip and would love your input as to what flowers/plants might look good.

Here’s some pictures of how it looks now.  We’d love to give it some colour, consistency and coverage so if any of you have any ideas or even pictures of your front yard, please put them in the comments below or email them via the contact me page – here

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Thanks for reading.



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