So this is new… Fast Lane Food!

Boiling Toffee Mixture
Click on me for the #FastLaneFood Toffee Recipe

 I’m going to start putting up a selection of our own ‘Kid Friendly Food‘ recipes for your delectation and delight. These have all been tried and tested on the Fast Lane Kids and so have gained the rubber stamp of approval. This is not something that is given out lightly!


The Fast Lane Food recipes will be coming soon and we’d love your feedback on all of these and also if you have any recipes of your own, we’d love to feature your’s on here once they’ve been given the rubber stamp of approval from the FastLaneKids :)


Also, if you make one of the recipes from here could I ask a small favour that you take a picture and post it on your social media using the hashtag #FastLaneFood – See the Twitter Feed below


I’ll be monitoring the # across all social media and will happily share your picture across my channels to prove to everyone else that they are decent recipes, if that’s OK with you guys?


The social sharing buttons (should be) along the top and bottom of each post for you to share the recipes with your nearest and dearest, should you deem them worthy. If you do, don’t forget the hashtag! #FastLaneFood  

Check out the recipes that we have so far by clicking on the Rocket below!


MILO Frozen Lolly Rocket
Looks Wrong but Tastes Great!

Check out the #FastLaneFood Twitter feed below. Good work you guys!

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