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I love lots of sports and this section of the blog is a collection of sports that the kids or I participate in and the fitness benefits.

I love to watch and some that I either can’t afford anymore or am just not bonkers enough to participate in, like motor racing (Afford) or Tough Mudder. Wait a minute, i’ve just signed up to do Tough Mudder! Oh well, guess i’ll be getting fit pretty quickly and then very, VERY dirty! 

This is just a brief overview of what i’m doing and why i’m doing it, i’ll post more here as I get into it and i’ll see where it goes. So it’s all very relaxed in that sense but I am taking it seriously! I want to see my abs again!

Below is my Strava activity and if you’re not familiar with Strava then you can learn all about this fabulous app and how it works here: Strava 

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Here’s a couple of handy widgets to show you what i’ve been upto recently



I have also taken the, what I class as painful step, to log my food intake… I know that this sounds a little bit crappy and anal but i’m serious about being fit, healthy and maybe even a little ripped by the time forty rolls around and if you are too the experts tell me, it’s a must. 

Here’s my tracker below and it’s currently set for me to get down to 80kg from the lofty 87 I was yesterday when I started logging my food. I started this about 10 weeks ago and I was 93kg then.  

 The good thing about these two apps is that they can be linked. So you can get your Strava activity uploaded to the my fitness pal app behind the scenes which then gives you more detail about what you can and more importantly can’t eat. I know, cool right! Where’s my chocolate stash gone… BOYS!!!

 The other thing all of this will give me, as well as visibility on whats going inside is to see what makes me work better. A good overview of what foods help me recover better and also which foods help me train better. By better, I mean feel fitter and stronger on the run’s, rides and gym sessions that burn your fat and will make me look and feel better. It’s all the fitness science that i’ve always known works but I must admit that i’ve mostly ignored it until now.

Who’s with me?!

Are you doing this sort of thing already?

I know that one group of ladies (and maybe some guys?) are making a lot of noise on social media with their running exploits and it is in part due to these motivation women that I initially got off my butt and lost weight for my wedding in February. It is again in part due to these women that I am sitting here with my legs up on the couch after this mornings ride, writing this fitness page for my blog. Before I tell you who these fantastic women are, I have to say that I am very impressed and maybe slightly envious, of the numerous achievements. With half marathons and marathons racking up by the month it does give me a huge slice of hope that if I stick at it, anything’s possible. The ladies I speak of are Kate and Zoey from Operation Move and they are kicking ass in the running sphere.

If you’re a woman and have either the smallest desire to make a positive fitness change or you’re running and would like to be part of something bigger without the pressure then I can thoroughly recommend Operation Move.

So just to recap, as of 8/10/2014 i’m 87kg and my target is to get to 80kg before I do Tough Mudder Sydney 2014, just so I don’t have to carry it around with me!

Thanks for reading and hopefully see you either on a start line somewhere or on an an app!


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