Yes, I’d Like A Loan For A New HiFi!

Who wouldn’t? Well maybe the people who can afford it. If you can’t then you need to read on…

This is a post in collaboration with the car finance people – Yes Loans – See my Collaboration Post Mandate Here

So i’ve had a loan or 2 in my time, the first ever was one for a 500gbp Hifi! I was young and crazy but that hifi was top of the range and went on to last me for YEARS! Through the Bobby Brown era, the Michael Jackson era – before he turned all wrong – the Vanilla Ice one hit wonder era and onto the indie/rock era I mostly still reside and beyond. Apart from the occasional slip back to my Culture Club and New Kids On the Block boyhood pop stuff i’ve kept it on an evan keel pretty much, if you ever listen to my radio show you’ll know this to be true… mostly!

Here’s Donny (Marky Mark’s Brother) and the boys for your listening pleasure…

So i’ve taken a really good look around the Yes Loans website and I must say that they have one of the most comprehensive ‘Car Buyers Guides’ I have ever seen! This is one of many forms available to help you make the right decision on your new set of wheels. 

Check list

There’s far more than that on offer too, they will help you if you’re in the market for:

  • a Boat
  • a Motorbike
  • a Caravan
  • a Truck or some Work Equipment
  • and even a Personal Loan.

They certainly cover everything that I would ever need. Well apart from a home loan that is and a new hifi would be covered by the personal loan department so i’d be laughing!

There’s even a cool Loan calculator which you can check out here. It’s really simple to use 

If you’re in the market then visit the website, have a look around and give them a ring if they tick your boxes. 

Time for a ‘Vanilla Ice’ Cream.


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