Working from home and looking after the family budget

This is a collaboration post with Youi Car Insurance

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen I first started working from home full time, I was looking to free up more time to spend with the kids and not be the time poor, headless chicken that I found myself being when I was working in the city (Sydney) four days a week with one from home. And that’s exactly what happened… In the main.

I was hugely grateful and still am, that the company that I worked for just over two years, for their flexibility that I needed at the time. I’ve talked to lots of mum’s and dad’s, in the playground mostly, about their circumstances and they said that I was really lucky to have a company like that and that it was quite rare for an Australian company, especially one in digital media, to let me have the sort of roll that I had. 

I do feel like it’s a blessing now to be able to work from home and be involved in the boys lives on a daily basis. They might argue with that and sometimes, i’ll be honest and say that, it does get a little ‘Testy’ with all the testosterone around! I should make some sort of interrelate joke now but I can’t actually think of one… let me ask the jokester, “FAST KID 2”! He said he’ll, COME BACK, to me with one shortly…!

With the roll of stay at home parent, comes the responsibility of the family budget amongst many other things and i’m sure that this is true of most families these days but if it can be made easier or help decrease the outgoings then it’s DEFINITELY worth a look. Me, i’m always on the lookout for ways to manage the family budget a little better and keep an eye on the wallet strings so when Youi asked me to have a look at seeing if I could save money on my car insurance I jumped at it. 

I must say that their website is clean, easy to navigate and has enough information without being ‘In Your Face’. 


I went through the whole process and within thirty seconds of me finishing, Reyze the Aussie was on the phone making sure that I was happy with the quote and to also check some of the finer details that they don’t cover in the on-line form. You could say that this is just an excuse to sell me the insurance but I didn’t get that feeling, I got the feeling of him genuinely wanting to help me get the best quote FOR ME and not for the company. He didn’t know that I was writing about the experience, he just thought that I was a regular customer who was after some car insurance. 


After about 10 minutes of him asking me the extra questions and making sure that he’d got all the information his number cruncher came out with a quote that I must admit came very close to my existing policy but with a few extra bits like windscreen cover and a hire car when the car gets stolen. 


If you take out the car insurance they will also give you 20% off your contents insurance which sounds like a great deal and one i’ll be having a closer inspection of come renewal time.

If you’re in the market then give Aussie Reyze a call on 13YOUI or visit the website at

Who are you insured with at the moment and do they give you a good deal?

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