You love your ute. You know it, your family knows it, and most of your friends probably know it too. It takes pride of place in your yard, you love how versatile it makes your life, and you might occasionally be accused of treating it better than your mates. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it even better! From an improved engine to speed stripes, and everything in between, there are plenty of options to modify your ute and really make it work for you. Below are my Top 5 Tips.

1. Kit out Your Tray for Work and Play

Adding an item like a service body to your tray makes your ute the perfect tool for work and personal use. If you work in a trade, or simply use your ute to get from job to job, services bodies like the ones available from are perfect for secure, reliable storage. You’ll protect your equipment from the elements and you won’t risk a fine as everything will be well secured. You’ll also never need to worry about where to put all the gadgets for your next camping trip. What could be better?

2. Up the Engine Anti

If you’re using your ute in rougher areas, or driving on a lot of highways, you could always upgrade your engine. This can give you better driveability, fuel economy, and you’ll feel a lot more confident with the extra power available. You might even want to get it turbo-charged. Enjoy a new engine and hit the open road in your ute.

3. Fit Your Car with a Snorkel

If you have an older model ute, it’s possible that the engine might get into a bit of trouble if you enter a body of water (which, by the way, you should be extremely cautious about). So you might want to consider fitting a snorkel to the car – just make sure you have this done professionally so it’s more than ornamental.

4. Upgrade Your Fuel Situation

If you do a lot of long drives, particularly in rural areas, think about adding a long-range fuel tank to your ute. It can take the stress off having to look for a fuel station in the middle of nowhere, and it means less stopping if you just want to get to your destination quickly.

5. Improve Your Audio

Many utes, particularly older models, don’t have all the modern extras, so think about adding a great audio unit to your vehicle. Ensure it has a great radio antenna, as this can be important if you’re in the country, but also think about Bluetooth connectivity, audio quality, and a USB slot if you want to charge your phone. That way, the hours won’t feel like they’re dragging by. Just remember to update your playlist occasionally.

Surfs Up Dude!
Why did I not have one of these?!

These are just a few simple suggestions for modifications you can make to your ute to make it even more useful for you. Do you own a ute? What modifications have you made to improve its performance? Share your tips below!

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