Tips to Ensure Your Used Car Is Ready For Sale

Selling a car is a fairly common occurrence in most people’s lives. A myriad of things can lead to a car being sold; moving, upgrading and technical problems amongst them. Car resellers such as the sponsors of this post Boost Classifieds are fantastic at listing sales ads and allowing you to retain control over management of selling the car. But there are many things to take into consideration before you can actually sell your car. Below are 4 ways to ensure that your car is ready for sale.

1. Get Your Car Professionally Cleaned and Serviced

This is an absolute pre requisite before listing your car for sale. Giving the car a professional clean will make it far more attractive to potential buyers, but also up the value slightly. A professional service will guarantee that the car is safe to drive and is roadworthy; many buyers and resellers will demand a professional service be carried out before the vehicle is sold. This is essential for a car to be ready for sale. 

TOP TIP – Make sure your Windows and Wheels are pristine!

2. Organise Your Pricing

Ensure that you have developed a price with some thought. You will need to make a considered decision that encompasses the original price, the market price, condition of the car, and your own personal requirements. Be careful not to overprice, otherwise you won’t have any interest. Do not under-price either as then you’ll be inundated by people wanting a cheap bargain. Be prepared to negotiate to some degree. But be sure that you know your minimum price range.

TOP TIP – Do your price research thoroughly

3. Include All Details in Your Ad

Make sure that your ad is detailed and comprehensive. Provide all the information that a potential buyer could need. This includes the make, model and body style of the car. Engine size, transmission and condition also need to be included, as does the registration expiry. Accessories and extras included should also be mentioned. An initial asking price is beneficial for buyers to decide if they want to make an offer.

TOP TIP – Don’t undervalue any extras, they cost enough!

4. Be Safe

It’s always best to be upfront about any potential sales. Always list any faults that the car may have, this could save you a potential law suit later on. Always ask to see a buyer’s driver’s license and potentially insurance statements. If you feel unsafe going alone with a buyer for a test drive, take a friend with you and ensure that the buyer knows a third party will be attending.

TOP TIP – Don’t EVER let anyone drive your car without you in it…


Selling a car can be a stressful process, but if you prepare properly and are up front from the very beginning, it can be streamlined. Always ensure that your car is professionally cleaned and serviced, think about and organise your pricing. Make sure that all details have been included in your ad, perhaps look at some other ads as exemplars. Always be safe as well. Make sure that you have a third party with you for any test drives, and list all vehicular faults in your initial ad. Do you have any other tips for ensuring your car is ready for sale? List them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and happy selling!


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