There are few pick-ups sorry, Utes that will hit the Australian shores and create waves especially a European one! Now this is a sponsored post and I haven’t actually driven one of these beasts but please don’t be fooled into thinking that I don’t know my arse from my elbow where this tonka toy esq Amarok ute is concerned because I have done some homework and this is what I have found..

Carlos Sainz - Dakar Rally

Now I could start harping on about ‘torsen differentials’ and ‘4MOTION’ and ‘Hybrid Technology’ but I won’t. Yes it’s all relevant and you can easily find that sort of information – should you wish, on other sites around the web. But what i’m going to say is that if VW have been involved in the Dakar rally for a few years with the Touareg then they are serious about testing their technology to it’s absolute limit.. and the Amarok has a lot of the technology from the Touareg built into it so if you’re after tough then i’d say you’ve just found it.

Let’s be honest here and say that if VW weren’t taking the pick-up/ute category seriously then they would be making vehicles like the lovely Skoda below..
WTF! Are you taking the p155??

Now if the Skoda is your bag then that’s fine and I use this reference purely to make the point that VW ARE serious about this car and are fully committed to having a ‘Red Hot Go‘ here in Australia and probably the rest of the world for that.

If you’re a tradie or a surfer or a family that goes camping and you’re in the market for some new wheels that will stand a pounding then I would definitely be checking out where my local VW dealer was and having a test drive in one of these.

When you’re at the dealer btw, can you ask them when the Amarok R is coming to town?? SWWWWEEEEEEET!

Pimped Amarok - Marloo style

Until you’ve found time for a test drive you can watch the natty little video below that tells you all about it.

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