The Stunning Ford Fiesta ST, It’s A Gem

Twas the night before christmas and not a sound could be heard… In reality it was about 10am on a Thursday morning and there was a knock at the front door, I jumped up like one of the kids at the sound of the ice cream van just entering our street… “Hello Braiden”, “Hellllooooo Freddie the Fiesta

When looking for a new car you obviously way up a number of things, size, practicality, economy, price, that sort of thing. Well, whatever it is that you need  to reassure you that you’ve made the right choice it’s normally a done deal. After thirty minutes in the Fiesta ST, I was sold!

I then began to wonder what life would be like with Freddie the Fiesta ST on a daily basis. Yes sure i’ve got him for a week but could I realistically convince Fast Lane Mum that it would be the right decision to invest the same amount of money we paid for a second hand Golf into a brand new Ford Fiesta. That I would drive daily with the kids, and she then takes the family Kia Grand Carnival to work and back every day. Sounds like a great plan to me! 

Some questions I felt I needed to ask myself were…

Do I need the ST, or are the lesser models enough?

I’m sure there are other models in the Fiesta range, buuuuut i’m not really interested in them as this is a review of the ST and that’s that.

Are there really other models?? 

Checking out the Sydney view

How good is it really?

Well, it’s a drivers car, make no mistake and it’s driving experience is pretty, well, perfect. From the second the engine delivers you a healthy dose of the turbocharged 1.6-litre engine, combined with an exhaust note that’s enhanced by a gizmo that delivers sound to the cabin, you’ll be hooked. It sticks the road like the proverbial to a blanket and will have you finding excuses to get in it for a blast along your favorite road. Or any road come to think of it. It’s also got this overboost function that give you an automatic 20sec boost when you’ve got your foot hard down. *Smiles*

Fiesta ST Review 2014
It’s good at sport too!

So it’s good to thrash around, say, Northern Beaches roads?

Good question! The ST impressed me on every inch of tarmac it touched. The hills around Akuna Bay, the Corso in Manly, down to football via the Wakehurst parkway, twist’s and turns up’s and down’s, it just gobbled them up. Normally with a boy changing through the 6-speed box for me! Everywhere we went we went with a smile, it really has that sort of magical power. It’s got a few electronic gizmo’s to help out but you don’t really notice them unless you’ve pushed too far and that takes some doing. Understeer is not really noticeable and oversteer is again, a thing that comes on very rarely, such is the balance and ability of the chassis. It’s also pretty frugal, we (I) drove it pretty hard and it gave back 8.6L/100km which is pretty good considering. Ford claim 6.2L/100km for sensible driving… Yea Right!

Fiesta ST Review 2014
Trying to blend in…

What didn’t I like?

Not a lot really. The plasticy interior is a little on the bland side and the stiff ride is borderline bone jarring. I didn’t really notice anything else that I didn’t like and you’ve got to remember the price of this beauty is not in ‘Luxury’ territory.

What’s this MyKey business? 

Well, it’s a first for Ford Australia and it debuts in the Fiesta ST. It’s basically a spare key for parents to give to any younger drivers in the family that can have certain parameters programmed into it, such as top speed, maximum audio volume, not allowing the traction control to be turned off. It also has the ability to call 000 if the car is put into the boonies. i,e: Crashed! As a parent I think this is a wonderful idea and will be looking to see what’s about when Fast Kid 1 is old enough to drive.

Ford Fiesta ST Review 2014
No ignition slot required due to being keyless.

So what’s the price tag?

A mere $25,990. Considering that it’s competition are all more money than the ST it’s looking like it’s all gravy for Ford in the ‘Hot Hatch’ segment for the foreseeable future as this Fiesta will be going down as one of the greats.

Even the cat loved it!
Even the cat loved it!


Just to recap.

It has no sunroof, only comes in manual, has no sat nav, if you’re after a luxury hot hatch then, i’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere. If however you are after one of the best drivers cars around at the moment with the best price tag, you’re in luck because that is what the Fiesta ST is and it has it in spades.

Just incase I haven’t convinced you enough, here are the numbers.

1596cc turbocharged four cylinder, FWD, 134kW, 240Nm (or 147kW/290Nm with overboost function), 6.2L/100km, 0-100km/h 6.9 sec,1197kg, 145 g/km CO2.    


Oh yea, the score! Well because the ride is a little on the harsh side I will have to mark it down slightly but that being said, it is THE most fun car I have driven this year so therefore I give it:



Arty Shot
Arty Shot

 If you want the official word from Ford or you want to book a test drive (which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND) you can get it all here: Fiesta ST- The Lowdown




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