The Land Rover Discovery Sport 25 Years in the making

Have you ever owned a Land rover? Any Land Rover? Well if you have then you’ll know that the earliest ones, were very primitive. When I say primitive, I mean noisy, cold, steering weighed a tonne, slow, but what did you expect, it was primarily designed for use on farms.

I am of course talking about the now iconic Defender. It’s still retains most of it’s early charms only it has a few more creature comforts now a days. Hell you can even get power steering, air conditioning and even a V8 in the bugger!

KAHN Military Land Rover Defender
Slightly better equipped than the original.


Let’s fast forward 25 years and have a look at today’s offerings. You can still get the Defender, you can also get a few other models, let’s take a look…

First we have the Range Rover, including the Sexy Range Rover Sport

Range Rover
The Range Rover
Range Rover Sport
The Range Rover Sport


Two phenomenal vehicles that have stood the tests of time and also been brushed with the branches of the pretty tree over the years. My dad had a few Range Rovers over the years and I distinctly remember the huge amounts of space in the boot which I would use as a play den. 



Then we have the Discovery, Including the Super Sexy New Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Discovery. Or Disco as it's more affectionately known.
The Land Rover Discovery. Or Disco as it’s more affectionately known.
The All New Discovery Sport - Swanky!
The All New Discovery Sport – Swanky!

I’m old enough to remember the original Disco coming out to rapturous Whoop’s and Cheers as the first new Land Rover for, well, a very long time!  A baby Range Rover was born.

It’s kicked on since then and if you watch the video down below it’s certainly been used by a lot of people for a lot of different things. Far Out, some are just crazy! Are you thinking of a vehicle to take you on tour? You’d be foolish to overlook the Disco. Maybe even stoopid!


Next up is the Freelander. It’s a bit like the ugly kid at school trying to crash the cool kids party.

Land rover Freelander 2
The Freelander. It’s not the prettiest but it’s practical.

The Freelander has been looked upon as a bit of a square peg trying desperately to fit in a round hole. It has it’s place in the range though, mostly it’s a car for old people. Easy to get into, good visibility and plenty of protection when it’s crashed into the garage wall! 

That’s really all I have to say on the matter.



Last but by no means least is the cute baby of the range, the Evoque

It is pretty EPIC looking!
It is pretty EPIC looking!

It’s got presence, style and chic. Everything the Freelander really hasn’t got really. The Evoque is the little brother of the New Discovery Sport which in turn is the son of the Range Rover Sport. The shape, the lines and some of the features have all been tested over the last few years on us all and I think we liked it. It’s certainly eye catching.





My final word on Land Rovers is that if they’re good enough for the British and Australian Armies, Victoria Beckham and James Bond, then apart from the Freelander, they must be good.



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