The Awesome 2015 Ford Focus ST Comes To Australia

I was lucky enough to be recently invited down to Sydney Motorsport Park to sample the refreshed Ford Focus ST. Is it an improvement over the current model is the question.

I can’t honestly answer that as I haven’t driven the current model ST. I can say that on numbers it’s an improvement over the older car. Having recently tested the Fiesta ST I can say that it is a more grown up version of the little gem that Ford have crafted for the younger generation of us hooligan’s. The Focus is more refined in pretty well every area than the Fiesta, that’s not to say that they’ve dulled or dumbed it down any, it’s just to say that they’ve taken what they captured in both the Fiesta and the current Focus ST’s and have taken it to the next level…

Here’s a little (pathetically amateur) video of my ride out to Eastern Creek here in Sydney and back with a little of the in-between. I thought i’d captured me doing some of the driving but i’m afraid that I failed miserably… like I said, amateur. If you can forgive that i’d be very appreciative and if you have any questions about the car, please pop them in the comment’s below. 

I will hopefully have the car for more than a few hours and also to myself in the not to distant future so I can bring you a fuller review soon.

Until then, here are my initial thoughts.


Thanks for reading and watching.




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