2014 SKODA Octavia review


Here’s the FastLaneDad review of the New SKODA Octavia that was launched in late 2013 here in Australia.


So I arrived at SKODA HQ here in Sydney, courtesy of a lift from Fast Lane Grandy (Thanks again Grandy!) and had a wander around the car park. I was looking at some of the shiny new cars hoping that mine would be the sexy looking VRS model that looked Super slick in appropriately named ‘Race Blue’. What a delicious shade, mixed up by the paint wizards to make your new SKODA look like it’s travelling at 100km’s an hour while it’s sat on your drive. Beautiful.


So here’s the breakdown of how i’ve scored it and why it get’s the marks i’ve deemed it worthy of.

Driver Friendliness

First thing with this New SKODA Octavia is you don’t have to fumble for the key as it’s got keyless entry – Oooh I hear you cry -which also works for the boot. It has a push button start which is cool so you can leave your key in your pocket or handbag and still be able to start the car. Seating position is good, with a fully adjustable steering column so you can fine tune and everything on the dash is well laid out and easy to read. The windscreen is large so vision is excellent as is rear and side visibility. The Infotainment is sooooo good. The touch screen is clear and easy to use and the touch is sensitive in a good way and the nav is good. When she talks though she’s funny! Have a test drive, you’ll see! I’ll list the rest of the Gizmos lower down.

Skoda Octavia Drivers Seat
The view from the hot seat

Family Friendliness

The Octavia scores well here as there’s plenty of room in all areas. The passenger’s got plenty of leg and head room. I’m 6ft and I was no where near the roof. Rear seat passengers are treated equally as well. Again, enough room for me and more than enough for the kids. That coupled to the keyless entry and comfy seats, it’s a very family friendly new car. Oh and there was plenty for Big bear when we went for our picnic!

Skoda Octavia Rear Seats
Plenty of room for Big Bear in the back seat

Boot Space

Now, here’s where I think the SKODA Octavia will win a lot of fans, the boot. You see it looks like a sedan, SKODA class it as a sedan but it’s actually a hatchback! And a hatch with plenty of room. See the shopping trip picture with 1 IKEA bag full, 2 medium sized boxes full, a couple of bags and of course 4 cases of beer, a box of wine with plenty of room left. If you’re piling in suitcases, prams and the like it will gobble them up. I read somewhere that it’s 568L in size and with a large suitcase coming in at roughly 100l, so there’s potential for 5 1/2 in the SKODA boot.

Skoda Boot Space Is Good
We could have bought more beer!


I’m going to quickly tell you about the chassis here. Stay with me… it’s basically a Golf with a slightly longer wheelbase. Now that might not sound very interesting but what it means for the driver is that it handles like a Golf. If you’ve never driven a Golf, then let me tell you that it IS the best handling car in it’s class bar non! (IMHO)

As for speediness, our model came with the 1.8l 132kw/250Nm TSi engine with the 7spd DSG gearbox which gives it a sporty feel with enough power to get you both into and out of trouble. If you’re driving around town then Economy or Normal modes are fine and if you want to ‘press on’ then the manual or Sport settings are ‘the go’. The entry level 1.4l 103kw/250Nm is no slouch either and will be more frugal than the 1.8l if you’re thinking with your ‘Save the planet’ hat on.

Gizmos – Toys – Extras

I’m going to list as many as I can remember as there’s loads!

Outside:– Bi-Xenon Headlights – Headlamp wash – Alloy wheels – Keyless entry – Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) – Chin Spoiler – 5 star ANCAP rating

Inside:– Aircon – Electric Sunroof – Voice Control for Radio and Nav – Cooled Glovebox for your beer water – Adaptive Cruise Control (Brilliant) – Push Button Start – Park Assist (Ultra Impressive!) – 7 Airbags – Prefill (Skoda Prefill info) – Electronic Stabilisation Control (ESC) – City Emergency Braking – Adaptive Frontlight System – Bluetooth – Hill Hold Control – CANTON Sound System (Awesome) – USB and Aux connections

I think you’ll agree that it’s an impressive list!

Don’t forget that this is the 1.8l 132kw Elegance model with a start price of $37,990 (SKODA Price List Here)

Cool ‘O’ Meter

Here’s the big one, how cool do I think it is… it’s looks only for this one so purely superficial!

Well, given that historically SKODA’s were a bit of a joke car, I can honestly say that that part of their history is exactly that, history. Ever since the VW/AUDI juggernaut took them over and gave them a complete overhaul the SKODA brand hasn’t looked back.

So, the scoring is out of 100 and i’m going to give the 2014 SKODA Octavia


 This is down to it’s strong features, good looking alloys, excellent proportions and strong edgy lines.


This is not a sponsored post by the way, it is a; ‘Here’s a car for 5 days with a picnic and a full tank of gas’  type of post where there was no exchange of monies. Just in-case you were wondering…

Thanks to the guys at SKODA for loaning us the car and for Tim at the agency for being a Legend :)


Do you have a SKODA?

If you do, let me know how you’re getting on with yours and also what you think of my SKODA Octavia review


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