The New Ford Mustang | 2015

There has already been a lot said about the New Ford Mustang by lots of people and so I thought i’d let the dust settle a little before I chucked my two-penneth in.

When it gets to us here in Australia there will have been more written, more recorded and even more miles driven in the latest incarnation of Fords iconic muscle car than probably all of the previous variants  combined. Such is the power of the interwebs. 

Let me just say that this isn’t an in-depth review of the Mustang, it is merely horderves until the lovely people at Ford allow me to borrow one for the week. I think my chances are high after my glowing review of their wonderful Ford Fiesta ST last year… I have ‘Dream on‘ ringing in my ears, was that you? 

Here’s a song to play while i’m getting tuned into writing this post and one for you to enjoy whilst reading my musings.


I suppose the main question is, “Are you considering buying one”? 

Personally I am not. Something to do with the 3 kids all still in school we currently have. When they have all flown the nest, then and only then, except for a Lottery win, will a Mustang be tucked up in my garage. It’s just not practical. ‘Sigh’…


If you however are in the right space for something of the Mustangs ilk and if the US pricing is going to fully transfer to Australia then you are a lucky son-of-a-gun. That’s because they are selling them for peanuts! Starting at US$23,800 for the V6 Fastback going up to US$41,800 for the GT Premium Convertible that’s a LOT of car for not a lot of money. 

With Ford looking closely at the performance side of things in their models, this is a huge win for petrol heads like myself as they’re keeping it a lot more simple than most other manufacturers, thus keeping a lid on costs, meaning we get more bang for our buck = Brilliante!

Have you checked out the specs and pics yet? No, well head over and check out the new Mustang features on their website and maybe even register your interest, what harm can it do? Just make sure you use the email address that your wife hasn’t got eyes on or like me, “It’s for business purposes darling”.

That’s all for now about the New Pony car so i’ll leave you with a couple of images that I found quite lovely.

Oh my...
Oh my…
Not you run of the mill convertible
Not your run of the mill convertible.

I love the Shelby GT and i’m strangely attracted to the convertible… What has become of me?!


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