Top 12 Fuel Efficiency Hacks

It’s easier than you think to keep things efficient when driving. By employing the following fuel efficiency hacks, you’ll transform into a more fuel efficient driver in no time, and save some money in the process!

Eco boost, boost, boost!
Eco boost, boost, boost!

I was supposed to go on a fuel efficiency test day with Ford but one of the Fast kids was ill so I couldn’t get there. They then very kindly provided me with the following fuel efficiency hacks to help us all out. So thanks Ford (Fuel efficient range – HERE) and with a few Fast Lane Dad tweaks along the way…

Here we go… Hacks away!

1 – Planning makes perfect
It may sound obvious, but simply cutting down on the time spent in your car is the easiest way to conserve fuel. To reduce driving time, try to combine all your short trips and errands into a single journey.

2 – Keep your cool
When you’re not calm, you’re more likely to make errors in judgment. Fuel efficiency is all about smoothness and keeping calm is absolutely crucial to achieving good fuel economy, so maintain your focus and cool attitude.

3 – Put a cap on it
Fuel evaporates every time you open your vehicle’s fuel cap. To limit the losses from this, fill your car up completely instead of repeatedly topping up your tank with smaller amounts of fuel. It also works out cheaper with a discount voucher!

4 – Rack off!
If you’re not using your roof rack, then remove it. Having roof racks attached reduces aerodynamic efficiency of vehicles and creates drag, which hurts fuel economy. We took ours off the Kia when not using them.

5 – Gradually does it
Maintain consistent speeds whenever possible. Accelerate gradually when moving off from rest, as fast starts burn a lot more fuel. Driving at a moderate steady speed requires relative little energy. Also, don’t overtake someone and sit just in front of them, stay behind them and let them make the hole in the air!

6 – Tune in and tune up
A well-tuned engine can help improve fuel economy, so always follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation on servicing intervals. Also, check your air filter inbetween services, it might be dirty or there may be leaves/debris blocking things.

7 – Under pressure
Correctly inflated tyres are safer and also last longer. A tyre that is under inflated by just 1psi (6.89kPa) can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as three percent. Multiply that by four… Tyres should be checked and pressure corrected when they are cold, ahead of a journey – not after the vehicle has been driven for a length of time. Also, if towing, make sure you increase the rear pressures to allow for the extra weight.

8 – Get into gear
The higher gear you drive in, the lower the engine speed is, which can improve fuel economy. Using a manual gearbox, change up a gear whenever you can, without labouring the engine. In an automatic vehicle, accelerate gently and your transmission will get into the highest gear sooner, keeping your engine speed – and fuel consumption – lower. Also when in your auto, use the manual side of the gearbox, if you have one, as this will make it more efficient and also it keeps the gearbox ticking over a little better.

9 – A load of hot air
Air-conditioning places added strain on the engine and needs fuel to operate. Limit use to
particularly hot days and when possible, use the fan instead or simply set the temperature to a comfortable, not cold setting (e.g. 22C).

10 – Keep your weight down
You may be surprised, but every extra kilogram matters and affects your fuel efficiency. So keep your boot and back seat clear of unnecessary items that you use merely once in a while which are otherwise merely dead-weight in your vehicle (e.g. golf clubs).

11 – The kids are alright
When driving with children and babies, it is important to have them settled before you begin your journey. Ensure they are content and you will have no unnecessary distractions (easier said than done sometimes!). If you can do this, the result will be a smoother and safer journey! See how long you can go without them using a device… 

12 – Switch it up

Yes, change your car. If you’ve still got the car you used to drive the kids around in then sack it off as it’s probably costing you a FORTUNE! It’ll be bigger, heavier, less fuel efficient, have more expensive insurance, cost more to service… you get the idea. So sack it off for something that fit’s the bill better for your current situation. And save a bit of the planet while you’re at it. 

Thanks for reading and i’ll catch you soon.



  1. The idea that fuel can be saved by avoiding evaporation from an open fuel cap while filling more often is ludicrous. The amount of vapour escaping would be barely measurable. Using a higher gear than necessary would cause you to use more fuel as a labouring engine will demand more gas. Trading up to a more modern car is not going to save much. There has been very little change in economy in the past decade or so.
    Not a very knowledgeable article.

    1. Hi Veritas and thanks for taking the time to read the article. So for you I guess it’s a Top 10! Do you have any others you’d care to share with us?

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