Marulan Driver Training Circuit

Set in the heart of the NSW Southern Tablelands is the beautiful (small) town of Marulan. It’s 31kms from Goulburn and has a little secret… that secret is the Marulan Dirt and Tar circuit or Marulan Driver Training Circuit. It’s recently had some investment and so is going through some changes at the moment, all for the betterment of the track and facilities.

Marulan Driver Training Circuit - MDTC
Stunning day, stunning track!

It’s surround by hundreds of acres of bushland so while you’re sitting in the trackside cafe, you can look out and see plenty of green to sooth you before your next race or stint in an enduro. Mind the Kangaroo poo when you’re walking around though…

Talking of enduros, that’s what we were down their to check out, the Cheap Car Challenge (CCC). Now don’t think this is scrap heap challenge, far from it, this was serious stuff! Nice paint jobs, sponsor decals, people taking selfies with bottles of oil, the whole lot. There were a few entrants that could have worked a bit harder on presentation but hey, who cares, they’re doing it and that’s all that counts.

Here’s an interview I did with one of my team-mates for the weekend, Richard. His son Dieter owns the car but he and a couple of others couldn’t make the meeting so they drafted in us, the ‘B’ team! 

Interview with Richard Holzl on the Simon & Mel Show talking CCC

After Qualifying 3rd and then racing in the top 3 for the first 2 hours of the 4 hours we race (that’s a lot of numbers!) we topped up the fuel tank, checked tyres and levels, had a burger in the cafe :-P and headed out for the next 2hr leg of the 4hr enduro. It’s split in the middle with a 1hr lunch break to allow the drivers and the cars to refuel and calm down!

Spreading the Northside Radio Word ;-)

I had the honour of starting both races which was a heap of fun and put me right in the thick of the action, especially the second start! After a couple of laps of dicing and maybe a little rubbing, I managed to get the lead which I held until our first stop. You’re only allowed 15 minutes (20 for the first stint) in the car MAXIMUM until you have to change drivers, or you get a penalty. Then you are in the pits for a minimum of 90secs and if you leave early you get a 4 lap penalty! Yes, 4 laps. So it’s as much a timing and organisational race as it is a race on the track. So the ‘Team work is Dream work’ mantra was well and truly rattling around my noggin.

We somehow lost the lead through the pit stops but hey, them’s the breaks and after the team pressing hard we cemented 2nd place by the chequered flag and everyone was super pleased with the result. We were all getting quicker as the day went on, not just because the fuel load was coming down but because we were understanding the cars needs and the dynamics of the circuit that was still new to a couple of us. 


You can read more about the CCC here

Thanks to the BMTroubleYou Team – Dieter, Marc, Richard and James. Everyone at the MDTC and all of the competitors and supporters of the CCC for a great weekend and in the words of Arnie, I’ll be Back!


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