The Lights are Blinking on the Tesla Model S

Being a bit of a car and tech fanboy, when the two come together in such a way that make me stop dead in my tracks, I know there’s something special happening. It happened recently, when I had my first proper look at the new Tesla Model S. 

Thanks to the lovely people at Telstra I was lucky enough to be invited down to Bronte beach to check out this revolutionary car with its, probably even more revolutionary features. Before I even sat in Tammy the Tesla (I’ve started to name my cars) I knew she was something special, something revolutionary. I’ve been reading the reviews and watching videos like some sort of mentalist so getting this close to one was pretty special. It felt a bit like meeting someone famous. You know, where you feel nervous to the point of being sick, excited to the verge of hysteria and tongue tied like you’re trying to talk to your first kiss. That’s how it felt. 

I had this song going round in my head when I was down at Bronte, so if you press play and continue reading you’ll be right there with me.













When I lowered myself gently into the sculpted leather seats and gazed into the huge touch screen centre console, it felt like I was being hypnotised. The amount of technology right there is frighteningly amazing. No buttons, it’s all touch screen and you can adjust literally everything from here. You could probably even write a program to switch your spa on back at home so it’s nicely warmed up on your return. If you can look up the live traffic in New York through the touch screen, which you can, then I’m sure anything’s possible. 

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What I didn’t know until the day, was that Tesla have made an app, which allows you to be connected to your car, at all times. For example. if you’re coming up from the beach on a stinking hot day you can turn on the air-con whilst you’re still packing up. So when you reach the car, it’s lovely and cool. Also, if you’re away on business, say in Perth and Tammy’s in Sydney, you can check how much charge she has left so that you’re not worrying about it when you land. You can also honk the horn and flash the lights so you’ll never lose her again in a car park, simple yet effective. The small thing’s like these all add up to make this car really special.

I managed to get behind the wheel for a bit of a jaunt around the back of Bronte and my first impressions were that it is all a little surreal with the lack of engine noise, no gearstick or hand brake that are normally to my left and no start button (A bit like the HTC RE that I recently reviewed). Once Tammy started floating down the road like she’s a magic carpet, I started to get the feedback from her that she was well made, comfortable and for those that like that sort of thing… fast! This was the P85+ (or P85D) which has the twin motors, a 0-100kmh of 3.4secs, top speed of 250kmh, she’s no slouch. I couldn’t quite reach those figures on the day due to having Nicole in the back and Adrian in the front who started to go a little silent as I accelerated Tammy down one of the quiet Bronte back streets. Perhaps a track session might be in order.

As far as having a good memory goes, mine’s about average. Thankfully Tammies is brilliant. She’s got electronically adjustable suspension height settings, which in itself is pretty cool. However, when you connect that to her GPS and map coordinates guess what, she’ll remember exactly  where you are in the world and so when you come to that spot again she will automatically adjust her ride height to the setting you previously used. You could call it her self preservation setting when you’re scraping your way onto some Sydney driveways.

I’m only really scratching at the surface here and given the amount of features Tammy has at her disposal you would need to visit the dealer to understand the full extent of her powers. I’d like to leave you with this thought. If Tesla hadn’t built this car, someone else would have. The only difference would be that it probably wouldn’t be as cool or as chic or as so well connected as Tammy is. “Bring on the Revolution” I say!

It’s also not a proper review as I would need it for longer to give it a proper assessment. By assessment I of course mean, a steady drive around town…

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