If I had been a betting man i’d have put all my spare cash on me never owning a KIA Grand Carnival. I mean, just look at it, it’s like a creature from the deep!

I have to say that I do love out KIA Grand Carnival. It isn’t the best at any one thing but it is a great all rounder. 

For example

  • It hasn’t got the most powerful engine of all the big people movers, the New Lamborghini Urus has.
  • It isn’t the most comfortable of all the kid carriers, I think the Honda Shuttle is.
  • It also isn’t the prettiest of the soccer DAD wagons, the new one isn’t a whole lot prettier either…  for me, the Jaguar F-Pace is the best looking
  • It’s a bit more agricultural that the majority and still has a few to many van like attributes for the most part.  
  • The door wind noise is very annoying… grrr

So why did we buy it? 

  • It came with lots of warranty left on it (3 years)
  • It was the only one of this spec (Sli) around when we were looking
  • It’s massive and can accommodate all the family (8 adults) + luggage
  • It’s really a van, not as much as the Hyundai iLoad, but you can flatten out the back seats, remove the middle row completely and BOOM – Instant van! And instant friends!!!
  • Better spec Engine and gearbox than in previous models. The 2.9L diesel was as flat as a pancake to drive and the V6 petrol is heavier on the steering and as thirsty as Shane Warne after 30 minutes on tinder. We’ve gone for the 2.2Td which has 136kw of powa and 400NM of talks which is bolted the the newer gearbox which works loads better than the old one. 

It’s cost us about $1000 per year to maintain which I reckon is pretty good for such a big car. I’ll be doing most of the work now it’s out of warranty. I’ll maybe let the local garage change the oil and filter so I can get the service book stamped. 

Have a watch of the video for more info on our Kia Grand Carnival. It might be ugly, but it’s ours :-)



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