Just one Audi Quattro give it to me!

This is a sponsored post for Audi. *WARNING – It’s about cars* When I was about 12, my dad used to race what’s called a Hot Rod. That might sound like some sort of  1950’s contraption that has a cut down roof and a huge engine covered in chrome, but it wasn’t. Back then they were mainly either Ford Escort Mk11’s or Ford Anglia’s like the one that Harry Potter flies…Harry Potter Flying Anglia and I was a kid much like my boys are now, into playing with toys, getting into scrapes and just learning about growing up. What am I talking about, I still am learning about growing up!

 The Hot Rods looked more like this…

Ford Anglia Hot Rod Casting my mind back to those care free days where betamax video was the latest ‘must have’ technology… Where did it go wrong for them? Who knows – and my Marlboro Zapper BMX was my ‘Raison D’être’ along with any form of motor vehicle that I thought was cool. That’s where the Ford Capri rallycross car comes in, not just because I thought it was cool but because it is allegedly where Audi got the idea for the now legendary Quattro system. Ferguson Four Wheel Drive Ford Capri

Now I could rabbit on for ages about Audi and  it’s ‘this’ and it’s ‘that’ but all I have to do is tell you that I had this toy car as a kid…

The Legendary Audi UR Quattro

Audi UR Quattro I then saw the real version of my beloved Audi Quattro at one of my dads Hot Rod race meetings at Hednesford Raceway in the UK and that was it, I was hooked.

So it went from there to watching them in action on their spiritual home, on the rally stage…

Audi Sport Quattro S1 Sideways Snow

And on the race track… I was actually at this race, Donington Park 1991 and…. come in close… closer so I can whisper in your ear… I wanted Steve Soper in the chasing BMW to win, but the Audi was just too strong.

Audi V8 Quattro German Touring Car

Frank Biela Audi Quattro DTM 1991 I’ve been fortunate to own a number of Audi’s in my time and the ones that have stirred the most emotion from me are the Quattro versions, especially when the throttle is wide open…


 I’d love to know what your favorite exhaust note is?


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