The Hyundai Genesis | Review | 2015

Never get a speed camera fine again! This Hyundai scans for traffic traps and automatically slows you down to the speed limit.

Are you over speeding fines? Do you wish that your car would automatically slow down and save you the last minute? Well, wait no longer…

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  • Hyundai has revealed its smart new Genesis model in Seoul
  • With new technology that slows the car down automatically so it can ‘cheat’ speed camera traps
  • The system will slow the vehicle down when you’re over the legal limit (Controversial!)
  • It will only do this when it detects a speed camera coming up

So their you go, it’s not science fiction any longer, it’s becoming a reality. Hyundai and their partner in crime KIA are certainly pushing the boundaries when it comes to new car development. 

This Genesis, I keep thinking of Phil Collins when I say the name, has more than just some fancy gizmos, it has MORE fancy gizmos! Things like:

  • Blind-spot warning
  • Self-parking  
  • Radar cruise control systems
  • 360 degree camera
  • Rear cross traffic alert that can warns drivers of other cars when reversing
  • Active cruise control
  • Automated emergency braking technology that will stop the car to prevent a collision 
  • Lane-drift assistance

They are set to sell this luxury sedan in Australia as a cut price alternative to similar models from BMW, Mercedes and others. With the raft of technology that’s inside the Genesis i’d expect it to start taking sales away from the, let’s say, prestige brands. 

If you’re interested in the Genesis then find your nearest Hyundai dealership and see for yourself.

The Genesis has just been launched in Seoul and here’s what the company spokesman had to say 

“It knows there is a speed camera there, it knows where the speed camera is and it will adopt the correct speed,” he says.

“It will beep 800 metres before a camera and show the legal speed, and it will beep at you if your speed is over that.”

that it is capable of outsmarting speed cameras with a combination of GPS and braking technology is quite staggering really, but with Google getting in on the car making act I guess anything’s possible gong forwards.

“To Infinity, and Beyond”! I said that by the way :)

Hyundai will introduce the Genesis locally (In Australia) in October, 2014.

It has not confirmed local pricing or specifications yet and some of the gizmo’s won’t be offered here either but to be honest, I don’t see that as a deal breaker. The Genesis will still come in cheaper than most, if not all of it’s opposition and still have a better spec than them too. 

There’s also talk of ‘Genesis’ becoming a separate brand from Hyundai like Lexus is from Toyota… Watch this space.

Also if you buy one you’ll need a big garage as I bet it’s massive! 



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