The Honda S660 Concept car

Not to sure on the details so i’ll have a look into it and let you know. 

I wanted to share the pics though, how awesome does it look?!

Honda S660
From the side

I’ve found a video that tells a little story about how it came about and what it’s origins are. 



    1. Haha, now mine are a bit older the sh1tter is my solace :) I also find the local RSL works quite well Em!

  1. My Hubby may need/want a man cave after the birth of our third daughter in 2 weeks time. I’d love a man cave myself with a fridge that contains a never ending supply of chocolate! Too bad we don’t have the space to create the dream.

  2. I would love a man cave! Despite being a woman I should add. I would have myself a huge flat screen wall-mounted, a bar fridge, comfy reclining sofas, tons of rugs (that’s the girly bit) and loads of chocolate. There would be loads of champagne in the fridge – perfection!

    1. I like the Champagne and chocolate Jody! For rugs read council clean-up carpet for most men :)

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