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When we were looking to move out to Australia just over 3 1/2 years ago we were looking at cars to buy, when I say we I mean me, and the Ford Territory was one that got thrown into the mix. We didn’t buy one in the end but now we’ve lived with one for a week, did we make the right decision…

The lovely Alistair arrived one sunny Thursday morning after i’d got back from my early start at the radio station with a shiny blue Ford Territory for us to review and I have to say, I liked the look of it…

I like the face lift it has been through in recent times and this new look that Ford is updating to. It’s making them stick out from the rapidly expanding crowd and i’m really pleased to see that the manufacturers have moved away from the boring blobs they once thought we wanted, how wrong were they! This Territory is based on the Falcon chassis which, has been more than tried and tested over the years. You only have to go to Sydney CBD too see how many Falcon Taxi cabs there are.

Let’s get in to the nitty gritty of this Territory shall we…


I like the latest face-lift. Joan Rivers has still had more than the Territory which means that the Aussie car buying public took the Territory to their hearts when she first came on the scene. Having now been updated with eye catching features such as:

Power Mirrors

18″ Alloy Wheels

Darkened Windows

Ford Brand Styling

It’s getting noticed a lot more around town than it’s predecessor which, is being proven by the fact that sales figures show that the Territory is selling more now than ever, no mean feat given the level of competition it’s facing, let alone the talk of FORD moving their operations elsewhere.

 Ford Territory Front Left


Cup holders, big pockets in the doors, Spaceship like command module. I needed a little time to familiarise myself with the buttons before I set off to Manly for breakfast with my sister and her newly arrived boyfriend! The sat nav worked well, it did get lost once when the new road that had been made fooled it. The clock disappears when you’re using the sat nav which was a little awkward but the stereo system is brilliant and sounds great. 
Ford Territory Drivers Seat 2

Third row of seats are a little awkward at first to fold down but once you’ve done it a couple of times it’s easy enough. That then gives you a huge, flat boot floor ready to accept the largest of pushchairs/suit cases/shopping trips. When up the third row is only big enough for the little people in the family. I mean the kids. Granny or Grandy would struggle to get in/out without intervention from the Fire brigade! When up the boot space obviously get’s compromised but their is still some.

Ford Territory Boot Space

The big one here, the BIG ONE, is that it comes with an Alpine DVD player in the roof and 2 bluetooth headsets to keep the kids entertained, YAAAAYYY!!! I’m all for playing games ‘n’ stuff, but there comes a time when having them pre-occupied by the tube is like having an angel descend and bring you your own piece of  sanity. And Relax

Ford Territory DVD Player


Slightly noisy drive train with the gearbox giving you a little shove every now and again to let you know when it’s in or changing gear. This is where the Territory gets a ‘Could do Better’ in it’s school report. It’s showing it’s age compared to newer, younger models out their. Having said that, it is pretty solid and you know that you could jump in and go anywhere in this car.

Brakes were a little on the soft side for me in the car tested. The pedal give more bite the further down I went but a little more servo assistance wouldn’t go amiss here. Hey, I like a sharper brake pedal, sue me!

Steering is a little… woolly for me. Having recently stepped out of the KIA Sorento I can say that the Territory has a little work to catch up here. That being said, for an SUV,  it is very ‘car like’ to drive which is one of it’s great appeals. 

The suspension is fairly soft and floaty, giving it a comfy, arm-chair like feel. It’s happiest when you’re floating around town or on the back roads heading for a weekend camping. 

The engine is strong and grunty. It makes a diesel noise and pulls well through the gears so shouldn’t have any problems towing a trailer or with a roof box laden full of gear. Or both! I’d happily hitch up our trailer and set off with no qualms about whether it would get through, such is the strength of the throbbing beast that lies below the bonnet.


It’s got seatbelts, airbags, electronic gizmos and some other stuff to keep you safe. This all adds up to a 5* ANCAP rating so it’s as safe as you can get.


At around about $67,000AUD for this spec model which is the AWD Titanium with all the whistles and bells, it’s not bad value for money. Yes it is a lot of cash to spend on a car but if you’re in the market for a new car, it’s definitely worth a test drive.


Would I have bought one 3 years ago now i’ve lived with one for a week? Yes, yes I would.

I think it would have served us better than the old Holden Adventra did and also held it’s value better.


With it’s technology, comfort, practicality and engine, i’m going to give the Ford Territory AWD Titanium with all the fancy bits…


Review the Review 

The guys over at car advice reviewed the RWD version of the Territory and here’s what they gave it


Now it might be the difference in model but i’m pretty sure that the specs are the same, apart from all the wheels being driven and not just the rear ones, but I don’t agree with some of their review. My experience gave me the following differences:

Plus’s First


Exceptional Ride


I thought the ride was OK.


Immense space and storage


I would say that it’s Good Space and storage, not immense.

Minuses now


Cheap Interior Feel.


I think the interior is fine and feels quite robust.


Underwhelming Audio Experience


I LOVED the audio experience and thought it was brilliant.


Noisy Diesel Engine


I didn’t think it was very noisy at all, maybe mine was run in more than theirs…


Read their review here: Review


This model is the Platinum diesel AWD and here are its vital statistics:

Vehicle 2014 Ford Territory SZ Titanium Sequential Sports Shift All Wheel Drive

Price      $67,683 Drive Away

Body Style           SUV

Doors    5

Seat Capacity     7

Engine Size         2720 cc

Cylinders             6

Power   140 kW

Generic Gear Type          Automatic

Gears    6

Fuel Type            Diesel

Fuel Consumption Combined     9 L/100km

Warranty in Years            3 yr

Warranty in Km 100000 km

ANCAP Rating    5

Here’s the clip that I did on the radio show if you fancy a listen.


Of course that’s only my opinion and you’ll have your own which i’d love to hear them in the comments below, good or bad. Don’t be shy now!




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