Ford Small Cars – A 2014 Range Review

When I think of Ford small cars, I go back to the very first car that I was allowed to drive, my mom’s gold Ford Fiesta 1100 Ghia, much like the one below.

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That’s just taken me right back to being a spotty faced teen with bags of attitude, spiky hair and a delusional notion that I was THE best driver on the road. Apart from my mum, who was pretty racy!

Fiona the Fiesta
Fiona the Fiesta – My first ever drive. Thanks Mum!

On my first petrol fill up, all of ten quids worth, I remember managing to stop the pump dead on the amount. How cool was I?!

I have probably only ever done this another twice in all my 19 years of driving. 19 Years!!! Shhhhhiiii-oot, i’m feeling really old now!

That was then, this is now. So what does Ford offer us now for small cars? Well, their range isn’t as radically different over here in Australia as it was back then in the UK. Here’s the comparison:

Then – Ford Fiesta

Surfs Up Dude!
Why did I not have one of these?!

This is the BeBop… Enough said. It reminds me of the Skoda they once made

Now – Ford Fiesta

2014 Ford Fiesta
Racey! and a LOT cooler than the BeBop don’t you agree?!

The all new 2014 Ford Fiesta. A revolutionary small car. Don’t just take my word for it, these guys think so too.

UntitledCarsales Peoples Choice Award City Car 2013

Then – Ford Escort

BIG Wing!
I could have used a stock picture of a Mk3 4dr here. Thought you might like this one more though :)

Now – Ford Focus

Focus Yourself!
The 2014 Award Winning Ford Focus

Then – A very small picture of the Ford Orion

Should have been locked in the attic!

Now – Ford Focus (Sedan)

The Orion is Dead, Long live the Focus!
There, that’s much better!


Other models that have come and gone or have taken on a different name to suit the changing times, but the line-up remains remarkably similar. A few extra spec’d models strategically inserted have padded out the current range.

Here’s what we’re missing

Ford KA – Came here to Australia in 1999 and left in 2001 never to return… I think that with the current KA  being a mini version of the Focus and Fiesta and also the world looking to greener cars, I think you’ll see it here in the not too distant future…

Ford Ka
A nice example of Fords little run around. KA KA KA KA KA KA…..

Ford Festiva – Ford stopped this KIA/Mazda/Ford mash-up in 1999. The Ka was the initial replacement until they sorted out the real replacement, the Fiesta, which arrived in 2003/4 

Ford Festiva - Spanish for festive apparently... How ironic.
Ford Festiva – Spanish for festive apparently… oh the irony. 

Having been in the motor trade for a considerable amount of my life, I have worked on all of these cars, even the Festiva (in it’s KIA and Mazda disguise’s), and I can honestly say that they are some the easiest to work on and maintain from both a DIY and Dealer mechanic perspective.

Are you in the market for a small car?

There are plenty to choose from here in Australia. Is the local Ford dealer on your list of places to visit? They seem to be getting the mix right for both style and substance at the moment which works really well for us as consumers.

So there you go, a look at the 2014 small cars range from Ford or FoMoCo as the might be called… Somewhere!

Which one’s your favorite? Personally, I loved the Fiesta Mk1 Xr2

Fiesta Xr2 Mk1
Drove a few but never owned one… #Retro

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