My Top 10 Hand Car Wash Tips

So while I was washing our New(ish) KIA Grand Carnival this morning, I decided that I would delve deep into the recesses of my past and dig out all the best tips i’ve been given, and worked out, over all my years of washing cars.

Some will be obvious and some hopefully, will be new and useful to you.

Without further ado, in reverse order of importance (IMHO) and not in any logical order, my TOP 10 Hand Car Wash Tips!

No 10 = Swill – Your – Car!

Before you even think about hitting it with the sponge and ESPECIALLY if the kids are doing it/helping you. This is to remove any road debris, grit and the like to prevent you from scratching the paintwork when you hit it with the sponge


No 9 = Empty your pockets.

1 = If you have sharp objects in your pockets they might damage you or more importantly YOUR CAR.

2 = You may get wet and so might the contents of your pockets, thus potentially rendering the item(s) ruined!


No 8 = Wash in the shade

To stop it drying before you have had a chance to swill the soap off. The soap usually leaves marks that then require you to wash the car again = #AintNobodyGotTimeForDat


No 7 = Start at the top!

It might sound obvious, and there’s logic. When you start on the roof, the soap dribbles down and helps clean the car on the way and also when you’ve swilled it you won’t get soap on the rest of the car that you have already cleaned. Get it?! I thought so… Just wash the roof first, it’s that simple.


No 6 = Swill each panel straight after you wash it.

So instead of leaving the soap on the car and swilling it at the end when it’s potentially dried and left marks, give each panel or 2 panels a quick swill after you wash them. This will stop you having to potentially wash panels again, work extra hard with the chamois or have a spotty car!


No 5 = Chamois the Windows, before the Panels.

The chamois or microfibre cloth you’re using will be at it’s cleanest and therefore most effective :)


No 4 = Use a Wash & Wax – Not Dishwashing Liquid!

Not always obvious but using a household detergent will strip back any polish/protection that you may have already put on. Whereas the Wash & Wax will add to you paint protection and help keep your cars lovely paintwork protected better from the elements.


No 3 = Wash The Wheels Last.

Usually your wheels are the dirtiest things on the car, what with all the brake dust. So, leaving them until last means that your sponge and water start clean and remain clean(ish) until you get to your scanky wheels which usually turns the sponge black!


No 2 = Front Zip Danger!

Obvious really. Zips on the outside, like on my shorts below, can cause damage! Also, no belt buckles!

No Zips Required.
Front pocket zips = DANGER!


No 1 = Remove – your – Jewellery!

Probably the biggest cause of damage when washing a car.

I always think of washing our car as a sport so therefore, remove rings, watches, bracelets and the like BEFORE I START! Not that I wear bracelets much! Earrings are ok unless they are HUGE and quite frankly i’m not a big earring sort of a guy ;)

Watch out!
Remove your BLING!


So there you go, my TOP 10 Hand Car Wash Tips, in no particular order!

Following my own tips, here’s my finished article. Done in just under an hour.

KIA Grand Carnival - Washed!
Ta Dah! Washed.

Do you have any Top tips to share that I haven’t mentioned?

If so, feel free to pop them in the comments below.

Also, this is not a comprehensive ‘How to wash your car’ guide as there are far more things you can do when washing your beloved :)


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