So back in the day my dad had a garage, actually he had a number of garages over the years and so basically I grew up in a garage. Some would say that sounds about right, especially when I start talking about cars and can’t shut up! Over the years I have rebuilt a few cars from scratch, racing cars mostly, but the occasional road car. Mostly they have been mechanical repairs, from changing some wiper blades to a full engine rebuild, via some new front brakes on say a Renault Clio.image1

I’ve done pretty much most mechanical jobs and I must say that finding a parts supplier to satisfy all needs is a pretty tough job. Firstly, they have to sell the parts you want and then have the ability to deliver them to your door, before you actually need them! Funnily enough, I never actually did find that supplier. I remember one time when the parts guy rocked up at the garage with what we’d ordered, only to be send on his merry way again with all of the parts he’d supplied! They didn’t get called much after that… It’s all in the detail you see and if the person on the other end of the phone is new or a bit of a wally then you’re mostly shafted.

I must say that I like being in control of ordering parts so when I found out about this new website www.partsales.comFront brakes where you can buy car parts online, I was made up. No one to blame when it’s wrong, choices of suppliers, free shipping on some stuff, seemingly good prices, what more could I want. It also has compatibility tools that make it a lot easier to find parts that fit your car. A new Audi RS4 would be nice!

So a new set of front brakes was ordered and despatched and hoorah for the correct discs and pads to arrive for the KIA Grand Bus. I can now brake with confidence when towing the Car Parts Onlinetrailer to its camping destination or just taking the boys to football, real football, not Rugby League or AFL. I think the Americans call it the ‘S’ word… which as a dad, makes me feel confident knowing that we’re not going to run out of brakes at the bottom of Allambie road and end up on the 18 th hole on the golf course.

They even sell some performance parts on there so there’s a few good options, even for the KIA! I might go back and look for some ‘Go Faster’ stripes. Just so it looks fast rather than me having to drive fast, I know what you were thinking…

This post was brought to you in collaboration with which helps put a little food in my sons bellies and some diesel in the car so we can get to football and rugby and parties and training and….

Thanks for the support and in Terminator style, ‘I’ll be Back’!


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