Welcome to the spiffing BMW X1 sDrive review. It’s a review, but not as you know it…

It’s a first! Actually it’s a second as the first one is here – Logitec Review – i’ve let someone else write a blog post for FastLaneDad. Well let’s be honest, i’ve not written much recently and he’s a mate who likes cars and likes to write so why the heck not. 

Please let me introduce to you, for your reading pleasure, Mr David ‘Tunners’ Tunnicliffe! 


“Would you like a BMW to drive for the week”?

It’s not often you get that kind of email delivered on an otherwise dreary office day. Let me tell you, my reply was typed out and sent quicker than it’s taken you to read this paragraph! (The answer was yes, just in case you thought it might be anything but that.) You see I’ve never had a brand like that as my everyday car, it’s always seemed unattainable, but if I learnt one thing in the week I had the BMW X1 for is that it perhaps should be something I should get… at some point!

I like to call it the baby beemer!

I picked up the X1 sDrive on a Monday morning and was immediately impressed by its size. From the outside it’s a small looking car (I like to call it the baby beemer!). But once you get inside, it’s spacious, there’s room for my 6”2 body in the driver’s seat without it feeling cramped. I then spent an hour driving 12 kilometres back to the aforementioned dreary office, and took a wrong turn which dumped me in more traffic than I was already in. Not a great start to our relationship!
BMW X1 Full Car Inc Side Profile

So to test it, a winter trip to the Blue Mountains, to the west of Sydney. This is just a couple of hours in the car but it mixes up city driving, three lane highways and some winding country roads. The weather forecast was for ice and snow, but fortunately there was none of the latter. It was bloody cold though, which was lovely, a crisp sunny winter’s day… cruising along in my BMW X1.

…Interestingly the big change with this car is a switch from rear wheel drive to front wheel drive

It handled everything really well and the things that stood out the most were how smooth everything was on the freeway, how easily it took the corners and attacked the changes of elevation on the way up the mountains and as a sidenote, how deliciously warm it was when we got back into it after 4 hours of racing around Scenic World at Katoomba! Interestingly the big change with this car is a switch from rear wheel drive to front wheel drive, something that only started to change 2 years ago.

BMW X1 Action Shot

Luxury is never far from your fingertips with a 6.5-inch display with satnav, reversing camera, automatic parking, auto tailgate and 18-inch alloys all as standard across the X1 range. Saying that though, I’m a sucker for heated seats and these are sadly lacking.

BMW X1 Interior

There’s huge amounts of storage in this car, including a big hidden space in the boot. Each and every area is spacious without looking too big when you look at the interior.

0-100km in 6.5 seconds

Under the bonnet it really feels like you can give it a good kick and it responds. BMW claims it can go from 0-100km in 6.5 seconds, being the responsible driver I am, I cannot confirm this fact!

Being green when you love driving cars anywhere and everywhere can be a bit tricky, but BMW’s ECO PRO mode is great, by adjusting to your particular driving style, the system runs more economically through intelligently adapting gear changes and acceleration as well as the climate control. It displays your ‘bonus kilometres’ which are how many more kms of fuel you can travel thanks to the changes – If you’re interested this Sunday drive saw me create over 20 kilometres worth of fuel!

The only noticeable downfall from my point of view was how stiff the suspension is, and being a small SUV it’s a little surprising. But if you find a pot hole or ridge in the road, you’ll know about it, and it’s perhaps where it needs a little improvement.

BMW X1 Front Right Corner Shot

If you’ve read my reviews before, you’ll know there’s always some random observations. The first one here is the view from the driver’s seat. It really feels like you are sitting outdoors. The windscreen is big and the pillars are small which makes for a great combination and excellent all round vision.

…the downlights will make it almost impossible to tie your laces together!

Secondly, the lights in the interior are awesome. Not only do they look really cool when you unlock the car on a dark night. But they also work very well when it comes to finding door handles, window controls and if you’re needing to tie a shoelace in the back, fear not, the downlights will make it almost impossible to tie your laces together!

Junior Tunners!
                            Junior Tunners!

My three and a half year old son, who’s been mentioned in my car reviews before always has a say and this was no different. Firstly, this was his ABSOLUTE favourite car so far this year… because it was blue, and blue is his favourite colour. He also loves his tables and gadgets in the back seats and as you can see, the arm rest/drink holder in the centre of the back seats was a big hit with him, as you can see!


Thanks David! Please let Tunners know what you think in the comments below and i’m sure he’ll be back with more reviews in the future.

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