Picture it… wheels turning, engine purring, city scenery gliding by. There is something undeniably attractive about a new car that glides effortlessly from A to B and looks great while doing it. The automotive industry as a whole seems to get aesthetically savvier with every new season. Here are four of 2015’s hottest cars for you to daydream about, in no particular order.

*This is a sponsored post by the way but I did choose the cars. All by myself too. Enjoy!*

Furd Kuga


If you like a vehicle with a little more space for the family (or your sports gear), the Ford Kuga will surely satisfy. Available with either a 1.5L GTDi or a 2.0L EcoBoost 4-cylinder petrol engine. Or you could choose the oil burning 2.0L TDCi Diesel. Rarely can a vehicle be accurately described as both luxury and utility, but this trendy SUV fits both bills. It also comes with a variety of features, including systems that help you change lanes, parallel park, and prevent collisions.

 Audi A3


Compact yet roomy enough for a small family or a couple of guest passengers, the Audi A3 is wholesomely good looking. It is difficult to make a sedan as stylish as this one is, but Audi does so with apparent ease. Packed with plenty of power and convenient features, the A3 provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience with every drive, whether you are headed on a sizeable road trip or just popping to the store for some groceries.


Tesla Model S

Tesla S

Thanks to the latest technology and innovations, you can now drive a great-looking car without harming the environment. The Tesla Model S looks chic, runs smoothly, and is the epitome of green energy. This car’s battery has enough power and capacity to make you question whether it really is eco-friendly. With a handsome exterior and an innovative interior (complete with a large touch screen on the dash), this vehicle is a forward-thinker’s dream car.

Alfa Romeo 4C


Real cars have curves. Alfa Romeo certainly has a reputation for treating eyes with their vehicles, and 2015’s 4C model is no exception – this is one stunning car! From its fenders to its roofline, the Alfa Romeo 4C’s design flows effortlessly no matter which direction you view it from. Whether you are cruising through the city or just parked at the shopping centre, this beauty is sure to catch the eyes of people walking by.


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Which of this year’s most attractive cars is missing from this list?

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