Say No To Bullying
Anti-Bullying Poster

Hi there and thanks for visiting my first ever webpage.

This is a project for my class and it’s all about bullying!

Lots of people have been bullied in their lives, whether it is bad or sometimes it’s totally, really bad.
One things for sure, it’s never good.

It could just be a name that you get called all the time; however it could be more serious. Like being beaten up repeatedly for money or other things.

My campaign is for people who get bullied. Bullies are mean people who should not get ignored.

If you’re getting bullied you should either:

  • Confront the bully yourself
  • Confront the bully with a friend
  • Tell a friend
  • Tell a teacher
  • Tell a parent or guardian
  • The main thing to do if you’re getting bullied is be strong and “Say NO to bullying!

    Here’s a cartoon I drew all about what happens to a boy who gets bullied.

    Anti Bullying Comic
    Say No To Bullying Comic

    Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my first ever webpage.



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