This is a post that is kindly sponsored by Toyota who are ‘Calling all the Heros‘ – Thanks guys.

Can you imagine yourself as the child you used to be? I must admit that I struggle with this sometimes but when it comes to imagining myself as a hero from my childhood, I don’t seem to have any trouble!

Let’s try it; Imagine walking over to a BIG mirror, it begins to shimmer and wobble and starts talking to you in a deep and mysterious voice

Hello there, come and see yourself as a child and see what you used to see  

When I was a kid, I had loads of hero’s, from comic book characters to racing drivers via footballers, I was happy to take my inspiration from anywhere. As I look at this from a grown-ups (well sort of grown-up) perspective I still think that all this hero stuff is still pretty healthy for us *grow-mups too. (*as FastKid3 used to say)

I mean, when I was looking at things from my kids eyes i’d be looking up at these people who were creating history by beating world records or winning trophies and to me at that time that was what life was going to be all about once i’d grown out of being a snot nosed kid. To a degree, it was still the same for me when i’d left school and got a job and all the other things I did with my life at that point but it was when I left home to face the big world that things began to change… and not just my physically.

It’s nearly time for a song, so just keep with it as i’ve got a cracking track for you to play at the end”.

I don’t know about you but it really all changed for me when I left home, that’s when I realised just how much the people who had been in my life upto that point had made such an impact on how I was and how I looked at things and not the people who i’d looked upto as my heros. Seriously, how can a comic book goalkeeper character be someone who shapes you?? Well, I don’t think i’d still be playing in goal if it weren’t for Rick Stewert of my real life goalkeeping hero, Neville ‘Big Nev’ Southall.

Turbo the Hero
Turbo The Hero

Those guys were my inspiration for playing and pushing myself in that area but it was my Parents, Grandparents, Aunt’s, Uncles, and all the other people who I was close to on a regular basis, that molded and shaped me into most of what is writing this post you are reading right now. They are the real heros.

So from my perspective and this might not be the same for you, i’d like to think that the effort i’m putting in now will bear fruit as the FastKids grow up, not necessarily (I can never spell that!) to be a real hero of their’s but to be someone that they know they can depend on and look to for advice any time any place and any situation. Even at 3am when they’ve crashed the car :D

The next time i’m in the bathroom and I see this guy looking back i’m going to say to him,

Be the best you can be and you’ll never go far wrong

Song time –  This has been going round in my head ever since I started writing this and I hope you enjoy it!

Personally I love the Toyota campaign as it paint’s us dad’s in a better light when it comes to how we’re perceived by the rest of the world and now we’re off to look at a Kluger ;)

I’d love to hear what do you think of their ad?

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