So Margaret Thatcher has died.

Some will mourn, some will sadly rejoice, some will have no opinion either way and some like 2 of my boys (The other is in Canberra) will say who was she daddy?

That is a very pertinent question young jedi’s, one which FastGrandy can answer for you while I shower and get ready for work. Given that he was a tax paying man throughout her reign and I was but a mere TV watching schoolboy who remembers the coal riots and the rise of Arthur Scargill more so than anything else, I feel that he is suitably more qualified.

Sorry I have to digress – i’m listening to the radio (2UE I believe) as I write this and the question is being asked, “Do we need more politicians like Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Regan?” Now knowing more about the time in which Thatcher ruled now than I did, the answer in her case is a no, probably not. As for dear old Ronnie, I didn’t follow American politics that closely so don’t feel qualified enough to give anything other than a “Well, his leadership style came across as decent, so probably yes.” I’m not sure how much press the Thatcher era got over here in Australia but she essentially ran a Dictatorship dressed-up as a democracy, even the Queen couldn’t stand her apparently!

Margaret Thatcher – Milk Snatcher. She earned that moniker when she took away free milk for school children. It was her Conservative view that if anyone wanted something they should pay for it and the government should not provide. This incidentally still seems to be the view of the UK’s current PM David Cameron. Surely in Australia there’s room to look after those who can’t afford the basic essentials, isn’t there?

Politics, money and religion.. 3 topics sure to stir deep within people. So let’s leave them where they belong – on #QandA! :)

Do you believe that Thatcher was a strong leader? What about Adolf Hitler or Genghis Khan and their leadership styles? Were they strong leaders? Yes they were, but I’m damn sure that most of you wouldn’t lead your family in the same style that Thatcher led the UK for 11 years, would you? Maybe you would. Am I pontificating?? Maybe just a little.

So what is the meaning of ‘Leader?’ Question. Is it someone who others will follow? Someone who is looked up to and respected by the people they lead? The latter is the one that most people believe and that this is the role that us parents play on a daily basis. I often check and question myself about the way I appear to the boys as their male role model and whether it’s helping them or hindering them. Sometimes I feel that the mix might be slightly off!

As a father of only boys, in my humble opinion it’s important to lead from the front, as this is what the boys are watching, like it or not. They learn from every move I make. Look at my boys: FK1 has a great eye for style and fashion sense, FK2 has a wicked sense of humor and FK3 is really sporty and ripped.. Nuff said ;)
It’s the same for mommies too, especially with daughters and it also crosses the genders as FLMom’s outlook on life is often like her dad’s. Thankfully that’s where the similarity ends if you know what I mean!

The question is to ask yourself is this:

Do you perceive yourself as a Margaret Thatcher, a Genghis Khan or even an Adolf Hitler.. you know, great leaders but in a dictatorial, i’m going to crush anything that gets in my way, it’s all about me, style of leadership?


Are you more of a Gandhi or a Stephen Covey (Author of: 7 habits of a successful family and had 7 kids!) or a Nelson Mandela.. you know, great leaders that are seemingly always calm and controlled, open, loving, the question asking type that has the well-being and prosperity of others in their heart and firmly embedded in their principles?


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