Ultimate Man Cave Ideas

Now in a house full of boys, maybe it should be Fast Lane Mum writing the ‘The Ultimate Girl Cave Ideas’! The 2 reasons it isn’t are 1) it’s my blog! And 2) because the house is (Mostly) tidy and free of man/boy stuff so FLM has her wishes granted every day already! Girl Cave… seriously.

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The best description of a man cave I have come across is this:

“A room, space, corner or area of a dwelling that is specifically reserved for a male person(s) to be in a solitary condition, away from the rest of the household in order to work, play, involve himself in certain hobbies, activities without interruption. This area is usually decorated by the male that uses it without interference from any female influence.”

Example: Simon retreated to the Man Cave to watch the V8 Supercars in peace.

We have ‘Corners’ here in the Fast House, but I think we need to work on something similar to what Dadrites has created in his garage.

The England Shrine! They played like they were dead...
The England Shrine! They played like they were dead…

As a man, having my own little space as a retreat from the rest of the world to read, play games or do my own thing is the dream. Not just mine but just about every man-child I know. Sadly, not many homes are suited to a man cave, so it remains to most a utopia always out of reach. But if you are one of the lucky ones that have the space in your home, garage or garden shed, I’ve put together a few things you might want to consider in order to develop the perfect oasis for your Man Cave.

Accept some give and take

In a perfect world, the man cave would be off limits to everyone in the house unless they are issued with a personal invitation. In a perfect world… Unfortunately we don’t have that luxury in this house as we are an ‘Open Door’ sort of a family and anyone and everyone is welcome wherever and whenever they like. That being said, if you are not family OR a VERY CLOSE friend, you will need to be prepared to negotiate with others in the family to gain access to the said ‘Man Cave’. You may also need to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before exiting the man cave.

An example of ‘Give and Take maybe; you might need to include a sewing corner, or agree that your spa can be open to everyone. Compromise isn’t necessarily a dirty word, it might take some practice saying it though. (Commmmm, Commmmppp, Commmmmmmpeeeeerrrrr… it’s going to take work) With a bit of give and take, I will end up with something I love that isn’t resented by the rest of the family and maybe even enhanced by them. Via written approval of course :) 

Find a nice spot

So. you’ve done the negotiating and the family is on board. Success! This is a ‘Work In Progress’ here. The next step is to choose a space that suits your needs, doesn’t get in the way of everybody else and is far enough away from any potential interruptions as possible. I reckon you can put your personal getaway anywhere that isn’t being used for other purposes. Eg: It can be in the attic, the basement, a spare room, the garage and even in the shed. It just has to be roomy enough to meet your needs and unused by anybody else. Like most family houses, the chances are the only spots available have become junk or storage areas already! You are going to have to clean that bad boy out, re-arrange the household goods or ship them out to be stored elsewhere, such as in a storage facility like Fort Knox .

Come up with a design

This can be a tricky one for some men and it may be called a man-cave; but that doesn’t mean you have to live like an animal. It is important to have your space nicely decorated to make it a place that is cosy and welcoming. If it is barren, or doesn’t really appeal subconsciously, you’re going to find yourself spending little time there. So, consider the colour of the walls, and what materials you want on the floor. It’s time to dig out your old trophies, pennants and jerseys to adorn the freshly painted (maybe?) walls. Then theirs lights. Do you want a bright lighting system, or one that sets a mood? The sky, and your budget, is the limit. Personally i’m good with the light that will go over the pool table and the one that’s in the cabinet where all of the games consoles will reside!

What do you want your man-cave to be?

Finally, what you put in your man-cave depends solely on what you want it to be. Is it a place to escape for some peace and quiet? Somewhere to read and ruminate? Somewhere to watch dirty moves?  If it is then your going to need comfortable furniture such as a recliner or lounge. My recommendation is council clean-up or Gumtree for some bargains. You could have a bar in the corner, with stools and a flat screen TV to watch sports when select friends visit. If you are after a gaming room, then look at electronic devices, pool tables or arcade equipment. Or you might like to fill it with sports equipment, creating your own private gym.

Your man-cave is your own personal space. Create it in your own image and a make it a place where you and those that will be invited, feel comfortable. Don’t forget to make sure the rest of the family supports your project as there isn’t much point having a secluded retreat if everyone resents you once you emerge.  

Personally I’m for the Collaborative Cave where everyone has a say and a little piece that’s theirs. 

I found an example of a man cave on YouTube from KIA, looks… interesting! And she’s right, it’s called Football :)

A few more examples.

Bat Man Cave
The Bat – Man Cave


Ralph Lauren Ferrari Garage
Ralph Lauren’s Ferrari Man Cave

and finally, Cycling superstar Marianne Vos’s ‘Girl Cave’. Imagine dusting that lot!

Marianne Vos Girls cave

Have you got a Man/Woman cave?

What would you put in your man/Woman cave?

 I’ve created a ‘Man Cave’ board over on Pinterest if you’re on there?

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  1. I’d love to give my husband a space of his own. I’d love to have a space to call mine too. I wish that we could give all my children there own space. The reality is we are seven people in a three bedroom house. So, not going to happen. Instead I am attempting to teach that we need to communicate our need for space and respect it, so to LEAVE YOUR BROTHER ALONE! I’m visiting from the Digital Parents Carnival.

    1. Thanks for visiting Sarah and yes the ‘LEAVE YOUR BROTHER ALONE!” cry is one I use from time to time :)

      I totally agree that we all regularly need some space of our own and it’s a good lesson for the kids to learn. Good luck with yours!

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