If I had a dollar for every time i’d been asked “How’s the racing going”? – meaning my motor racing – i’d probably be able to afford to still be doing it instead of being an enthusiastic supporter. 

This is a sponsored post but my opinions are my own and not borrowed or faked in the name of motorsport

…as a young man of only 21 and having the opportunity to go racing was something that was very precious to me and looking back – as you do – at that time from where I now am in my life I can honestly say that I got it.

When I say that, I mean that I knew what it was going to take to get everything prepared. What it was going to take to get the car to the grid for the first time… I didn’t know how much money it was going to cost to get there or what I was going to get back for all my hard graft.

It’s the same at all levels, even at the high-end of Motorsport. Sponsors like Jim Beam are seemingly no different. There’s a video below that gives you an insight as to what goes into the making of their quality bourbon, let alone the rest of the operation that surrounds the selling, marketing, advertising, buying, and of course the hard work from our perspective that goes into the drinking!

Sponsors of anything, the school fair, the local football club, your kids dance group, whatever it is and no matter their size or wealth as they have had to put in the hard work to be able to give that money to support whatever it is they are supporting. So next time you’re at an event that’s been sponsored and the sponsor is there or you may even know the sponsor, take a minute to go and thank them for sponsoring the event. I’m sure they will appreciate it.

My story is not really any different to that of many young men who start out on the motor racing journey and someday my boys might follow that same path especially if we go on any more V8 Supercar experiences – we would need a Lotto win! – and find that like anything in life, the harder you work the luckier you seem get. This isn’t always the case and sport can be a cruel mistress but generally i’ve found that I can sleep that little bit better at night knowing that i’ve tried my best and given all I can to whatever it is i’m doing.

James Courtney racing at Bathurst
Jim Beam Racing at Bathurst

Just going back to the cruel mistress bit for a minute and also having played the part of motorsport engineer in my past, – maybe i’ll play it again in the future for one of my boys – I know that every single lap that car comes past it’s a lucky moment. Lucky because every single person who has worked on that car has put their heart and soul into preparing it. From the window cleaner to the truckie, from the engine builder to the driver, even the sponsors without whom non of it would happen, they have all put in their maximum so that the driver can go at “Maximum Attack!”

Thanks for reading and here’s the video showing you just how hard Jim Beam work at producing their quality bourbon for most of us to enjoy :)


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